Freeing the modern day slave

Stressed-manBody can’t take it,
in a state,
stressed to the max,
gunna be late,
debts to pay,
I give her a wave,
gotta run honey
I’m a modern day slave

TrafficI sit in traffic
Inching along
Turn on the radio
play my favourite song
I try to relax, unwind a bit
Why do I feel
so much like shit?

The-PillBoss is angry, late again
Please give me a pill
To numb my pain
Can’t wait ‘till 5
Wishing my day away
Want to feel real
Want to feel alive

Driving-in-rainDriving home is a drudge
It’s starting to rain
Can things get any worse?
Slam my horn
Scream in vain
Why is this happening?
Am I going insane?

Man-with-signLook out my window
Take my mind off for a while
Who is that old man
Giving me a smile?
He’s holding a sign
For me to spy
Words jump out
To strike my eye

We-are-OneSo sorry you feel
The way you do
I’m hurting inside
‘cause I’m another you
Slow your mind
Live in the moment
Allow some release
Of your inner torment

SurrenderThe traffic has stopped
Lights are red
I can’t get that sign
Outta my head
I sit and breathe
I try to remember
How I got here
When did I surrender?

The-boy-inside-meI search my soul
For a shred of evidence
Was there ever a time
This made sense?
Back I go to long gone days
To my childhood kicks
And my silly ways

Feet-on-grassI used to dance and sing
And be so full of love
The grass at my feet
Sunshine above
I ask myself as I recall
Why did I change
Why did I fall?

Drowning-manThen it struck so hard
I nearly crashed my car
The child’s still inside
Waiting to star
But he’s buried so deep
In quicksand & tar

SuburbiaMy task for tonight
As I pull into my drive
Let the child out
So I can feel more alive
Run from the car
Smile in my heart
It’s a small change,
But oh what a start

Free-HugsI whoop & I holla
Wife thinks I’m mad
Children are smiling
They’re so so glad
Daddy is home
It’s time to play
I hold them tight
I have something to say

Hidden-manI realized today
My pain is not real
I’d just forgotten to love
Forgotten to feel
I was scared you see
Deep inside
So I chose to run
I chose to hide

Release-the-childNo more will I cower
From the man’s wicked way
I’m setting him free
As of today
You see my stress & pain
Are all an illusion
Release your child
That’s the solution

Kid-in-fountainSing in the shower
Spin on my heels
Hold someone tight
See how it feels
Discard the misery
I wore like a glove
Set myself free
‘Cause it’s all about love


Join with me, let’s dance………Ode to the Dance


  1. That’s beautiful, Brett. It brought tears to my eyes as it moved towards the end. You built up the momentum so well. And it’s something we can all relate to. You are an accomplished writer. I enjoy how you move from one style, and one medium for putting your words across, to another. And thank you for the comments you’ve left on my own blog. I think there may be a glitch on it not notifying anyone of further posts, and not notifying me of comments – so I only saw yours when I went to post again yesterday. I’m so glad we connected on twitter. I love to read genuinely good authors who clearly enjoy the rhythms of language as well as writing intelligent, meaningful content.


  2. Brett I loved your poem – so many emotions in it. I’m in awe of your ability to write so well.


  3. The words in this are something everyone can relate to but could never put into words as amazingly as you have… Awesome work!!


  4. Wow Brett, that was quite moving. And so very relatable. We ARE in deed the only ones that can set ourselves free. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Lora, I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. Yes, in the end we either stay chained to duality or free ourselves in unity. Personally I prefer the latter.


  5. This is amazing! Firstly the first emotions in the poem of being trapped in a life you hate is a feeling in which many people will relate too, especially the more specific details. However when you turn the poem around and talk about breaking free from this life, this is something that the people who related to this piece would be inspired by. Purely because you’re doing little things that anyone could do to break free, so they would feel they could do the same. Excellent piece my friend, stay in touch.


    1. Thanks so much, I’m very glad you liked it. The poem was very heartfelt for me, it was my reality until I broke fee. Sending good vibes your way, thanks for your support.


    1. Thank you so much Florence, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Yes, it’s a very real scenario for many nowadays in this mad mad world. Thanks for reading, I’m honored.


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