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Life. What a wonderful thing it is. It surrounds us everywhere we look. It grows, it renews itself, it struggles against all odds just to be. And despite those odds it always seems to find a way. It’s amazing isn’t it? But what is it?

Do you remember that favour I asked you? You know, about living in the Question.

I ask it because life is about to get pretty crazy as the world of Science Fiction and Science Fact collide. The only way to remain sane in this type of world is to live in the Question.

So without judgement or bias, imagine if you will that the following statement about what life truly is could possibly or even remotely be true. What would it mean for you? For me? For life as we know it?

A proposition for consideration:

Three dimensional LIFE is the flow of electrons through a hydrated liquid crystalline structure that is energized by the flow of Tachyon Energy.

Tachyon Energy is the life force energy that exists within the charged plasma particles that fill the universe. It is carried as sub-atomic quanta within these electrons that flow through all living matter, in fact all matter.*

Now hang on a minute I hear you say! The Universe, that great big expanse of space that surrounds us is a vacuum isn’t it? That’s what I’ve always been told. That’s what I was taught at school.

I see you shuffle uncomfortably in your chair. You think to yourself, if it’s a vacuum then that means it’s filled with nothing, right? (Update – See NASA’s admission)

Or maybe it’s filled with that dark matter stuff I heard this science guy once talk about you ponder further. You scroll back up and re-read the statement. Ha! If the universe is a vacuum then how can it be filled with these charged plasma particles.

How indeed? But live in the Question remember. Just allow it, at least for now. Go on, humour me.

You shuffle again as you keep reminding yourself that it’s filled with nothing and dark matter, not these charged plasma particles. But in the spirit of Science Fiction you are at least willing to read on. With a shrug and a sigh you say OK, whatever, have it your way.

So what? What difference does it make if there’s stuff in space. It’s still big and dark and mostly empty.

So what indeed. Are we not part of this Universe? Have you not heard that the bottom line is that we are made from stardust? The planet Earth and everything we know exists within this Universe. So if the Universe is full of these charged plasma particles then that means that they are all around us and they helped create us.

Do you know what this means? Do you? It’s so exciting I can barely contain myself.

It means that we are not Biological we are ELECTRICAL!


Now that’s something to sit and ponder don’t you think?

Why not learn more about the Electric Universe? The evidence being gathered for this hypothesis is rapidly breaking down the barriers between Science Fiction and science fact.


Also, if we’re electrical what does that mean for our brain and thought? Fuel for another day somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Until then my friends I remain grateful to you for following my journey. I’m sending a positive flow of electrons your way right now – can you feel the buzz?

Here’s a poem I dedicated to our electric selves it’s called Electric Love.

Have you ever seen a Starling Murmuration? It is one of the most awe inspiring things to see. Click here to see a wonderful video of this, I call it the Dance of Love.

*Update: See how my definition of LIFE has expanded following my post called…….“Hey There, What’s That Sound?”


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  1. Yes I have heard this theory before. It had wowed me for a bit, as an alternative to the mainstream beliefs which are somewhat lackluster in excitement. Where scientists feel like they have pretty much nearly unlocked everything. That’s kind of boring isn’t it? But since alternative science will not be looked at as more then a joke there is no way to know what is real or not. So while we have a technological era, there is also a limit to what we know because of the unwillingness to examine different avenues without a bias.
    My personal theory though is that we cannot know what the truth is about the universe. That it is beyond our ability to grasp.


  2. I can recall sitting in a descriptive physics class at college, stoned most the time from smoking marijuana, and seeing this reality. I use to study what’s called the chakras and kundalini energy for they are eastern philosophies that believe basically the same principles I learned in physics: energy is never “lost” is simply “changes”…this is why I believe in the “afterlife” due to the fact that whatever energy is making my heart pump, will simply convert into a different form when it decides not to function in this earthly body anymore…I’m definitely interested in reading more of your posts – especially any you might have about what “time” it really is…


    1. Hi LaVancia, thanks so much for reading, it’s much appreciated. Yes the world of Science Fiction, science fact and even ancient eastern philosophies and spirituality are all beginning to collide and blur as the world of quantum physics plunges the depths of the universe with the sub quanta of the atom. In my universe energy is never lost and entropy is a fallacy. As far as time is concerned I have a statement about this that I posted that you might be interested in reading, it’s called a Fractal of Time (the link will take you there). You may also want to read my statement entitled a Fractal of Truth to more fully appreciate it. Thanks for your support and good luck with your blog, I’m now a follower.


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