My Favourite Time of Day

Sunshine thru the window

The morning sun sends its soft tendrils of light slowly creeping through the wooden venetians. The dim illumination gently brightens the room rousing me from slumber. I carefully wipe the rheum from my eyes and open them.

“It’s morning.” I state to myself before calling my muscles into action to roll on to my side. In this position I can see her. She still sleeps. Her delicate features look serenely relaxed in her reposed state. A playful smile touches her lips as her deep inner beauty begins to glow as she slowly wakens.

I gently reposition her hair away from her eyes and softly kiss her forehead. Her skin is warm and deliciously smooth. I gaze upon her as she comes to life. Her exquisiteness blooms before my eyes with such radiance as to challenge the sun’s rays.

I close my eyes and slide closer to her. She stirs as I do and rolls to her side facing me. Her smile widens dreamily as our bodies intertwine in our morning loving embrace. Our morning ritual connection is an essential part of our routine. We would feel incomplete without it.

I open my eyes once more and look deeply into hers. No words are exchanged, for no words are needed for the communication of our love for each other. It is palpable, it is clear, it is fully understood by both.

I kiss her softly on the lips and whisper “good morning”. She responds blissfully and I kiss her again and hold her tight. This woman gets more beautiful with each passing day I think to myself in awe. I do not need wealth or material things to fulfill my life, I affirm. All I need to be complete in this life is to love and be loved by this wonderful angel in my embrace.

We both smile at each other again as our eyes slowly drift shut once more. The comfort we each receive in our joint embrace delicately lulls us back to sleep. We refuse to fight it and allow ourselves to float off in our connection, for it is Sunday morning after all.



Make today a special day, hug the people you love.


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