The Dream of Life

What would you do? Oh What would you do?

What would you do if every night you could dream the dream of your life?

What would it be?

There are no limits, all fractal possibilities exist in this dream of yours. Can you tell me what you would Dream?

I invite you to join with me as a Guest Blogger on Brett’s Future to dream your dream. In 300 words or less share your dream with the universe.

At whatever layer of the infinite fractals of reality your dream is set it is beautiful and it is worthy of being shared for it will surely resonate with someone in this world if your dream is driven by love.

So I invite you to join me helping to build a dream log.  Be my Guest Blogger.

Are you unsure what I’m talking about? I understand.

However, I think you might begin to understand my concept after watching this simply beautiful and inspiring video. I think the words of this video will explain everything.

As the host I have taken the opportunity to dream my dream. Watch the video and then you can read my dream.

Details for the Guest Blogging follow that. Enjoy this amazing video.

Brett’s Dream:


See the collection of dreams already posted in the Dream Gallery.


Please join with me and be my Guest Blogger. Share your dream, in 300 words or less.

The rules are very simple:

  1. Every dream will begin with the line “I close my eyes, my body sleeps and my mind drifts away……” (these words do not form part of your 300 word limit)
  2. The 300 word limit is strict please stick to it.
  3. Your dream can be about anything, as long as it comes from the heart. You do not have to be a writer or a blogger, you just have to be a dreamer & let’s face it, we are all dreamers are we not? Your words can be in any form – poetry, song, verse, speech…’s entirely up to you.
  4. You agree to Brett placing your dream within an image to be uploaded into a Dream Gallery. The gallery will be contained within a separate page on and will be open for all to access and read.
  5. Your dream remains your own for you to publish however you wish. I only wish for you to also share it on my blog in this format as well.
  6. Submissions for Dreams can be made by filling out the contact form below. All submissions will get your final sign off before being published.
  7. Don’t be shy, fill out the comments either with your dream or a question. Sing your song, let me share it.


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