Through the Vortex

Spinning torus

The rock in my hand feels heavier than it should. It’s almost as if gravity is playing tricks on me. Then I realize that this extra weight is everywhere. My whole body is heavier. I notice my muscles are aching. Everything feels more dense, more solid. I think that I know where I am, but I can never be too sure when I get caught in a reality shift.

I let the rock fall unflung to the forest floor and drag my heavier body over to the nearest boulder. I sit exhausted and try to work out how I got here, see if I can decipher the reality shift.

I breathe, the air still smells good, the forest has done its job. I see a small stream nearby and I notice the sound of the running water. It has a muffled sound, like I’m hearing it through a closed window. It is how the forest appears to me as well as the foliage appears unclear, a verdant blur.

I can breathe. That appears to be the only physical function I have that is unhindered by the vortex fluctuations of this reality shift. I feel fortunate that I have as least one tool with which to retrace my steps and return home.

Still I feel a tension, I worry that maybe this time I won’t make it back home, back to those I love. I hate that feeling ’cause I know that if I feel that way, even if I think that way it makes the vortex fluctuations worse. So I try to just focus on the only thing I can, the only thing so far that I can wrestle control of from the vortex. My breath.

The extra gravity in this reality is killing me. My back is sore as I slouch against the rock feeling like I’ve just been on a binge of dead fried food. Thinking of food reminds me of my friends and another reason to get this right, I need to get back to them as well.

I feel the tension rising again. So I decide that I need to leave the boulder and somehow carry this heavy body of mine over to the stream. Fresh cold water on my face, that’ll help. With grunts I stagger like a drunk to kneel before the stream. My feet and knees muddied from the soft soil.

I look up at the tree above my head and the smaller plants to my left and right. After some effort I begin to see them more clearly. It’s only a slight improvement as the first fractals begin to emerge to my sight but I am encouraged by it.

I gaze down at the water that trickles by before me. Sunlight refracts like fluttering ribbons across the stream as my eyes became tuned to the photon density. Just being near the soil and the water is beginning to quell some of the more severe fluctuations in the vortex.

I still feel heavy, dense and flat. But thoughts of home draw me on. I know what I need to do. The soil and the water were encouraging me, but I had to do the rest myself. Remember, there is no spoon I think to myself as I close my eyes and put my hands on my lap. I don’t know why I say that silly quote, I saw it in an old movie once. I like it and well, I don’t know, it sort of feels right to use when I’m trying to get out of these reality shifts that keep popping up.

You gotta use whatever you can my Dad always says. And nowadays, well these reality shifts are disturbing the peace everywhere. One minute I’m just sitting quietly and the next bam, a reality shift bubble strikes and I’m stuck in a reality with double density gravity.

I realize my thoughts are wandering and give myself a mental admonishment. There’s only one way I can do this and I know it, so the sooner I calm my mind the sooner I can make it happen and jump back to my reality. Back home.

Breathe. That’s what I tell myself. It starts there. So I try to slow everything down. I take slow deep breaths. I hold them in and then slowly exhale. After a few I can sense my body feeling less dense, my muscles less oppressed by the gravity in this reality. Soon my body goes numb, as if it is no longer there.

In this numbness my mind searches. It feels like I’ve walked into a very bright room from the dark, my mind searches clumsily. After fumbling for a while I eventually realize that to continue to search I must stop searching. So instead of shuffling around the bright room I simply allow my mind to stop looking.

As I do that the floor falls away from the room. The vortex fluctuations have collapsed and I am carried inwards securely through ever decreasing fractal layers. Instinctively I know that my minds journey is taking me rapidly towards the singularity. The intensity of the tachyon energy is palpable as faster than light speed I travel towards the center of the toroidal field.

The power, the electro-magnetism, the force that my mind feels as it reaches the point of singularity is indescribable. There is nothing and there is infinity coexisting as one, as whole. It is the ultimate for there is no other ‘thing’ with which to compare.

But so fleetingly it is gone for me as I ride the currents of electricity. Through the polarity I am spat back out into my reality. My body remains seated but I instantly feel lighter, less dense and I know that I have been able to once more escape from the reality shift and return home.

I don’t get up straight away, whilst it is fresh I allow the wash of tachyons to continue to infuse my body as the afterglow of the jump through the vortex slowly fades. Every time I have to do a reality shift return I am always in awe of this feeling. It makes my heart sing.

I’m just thankful that I remember this feeling, this sense I have and can use it to help me make the jump, otherwise I’d get stuck. See I discovered the secret by accident, but most of it my Dad explained to me. If you’re interested I’ll share it with you?

“Excuse me Mr Carter” the voice forces me to open my eyes.

“Tobi, just call me Tobi” I reply.

“Well then Tobi, can you please adjust your seat forward we are preparing the shuttle for landing.”

I better do as she says. Sorry guys, I guess I’ll have to tell you my anti-vortex-fluctuation-reality-shift secret another day, or maybe I’ll get my Dad to do it, he knows that technical stuff better than me. Until then…….

Safe travels my friends.

Are you interested in what Tobi’s Dad has to say about how to defeat these reality shifts? Have a read his post entitled ‘The Dichotomy of Duality‘ to find out more.


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