Backyard Surfing

Waves of love

I’m grounded. Barefeet solidly placed in my grassy backyard. It’s a bright sunny day as the birds regale me from a nearby tree. I begin to feel the surge of electrons as Mother Earth gives me her gift.

The sun rays flow warmly down on my face and I close my eyes and turn towards them. Like a magnet I can feel my skin absorbing the tachyons, they warm me and not just my skin. Their electric bombardment causes a chain reaction as they ride waves of current deep within me.

The tachyon current flows through my body. Feet to face and back again the circuit streams. My body becomes lighter, I feel it. I’m doing my best to harmonize with the rhythm of the current. I fumble a little with my feelings, my emotions. I know that the key to my harmonization lay there.

A breakthrough is realized as I consider my intuitive understanding. I marry my brain. I remember that my brain is not really matter at the sub quanta level, it’s waves. So as the Sun and the Earth recharged my battery I surf the waves of my brain.

It was a difficult ride until I found the key. It was a logic that both hemispheres could agree upon.  It was so simple the secret could be formed in two words.

Give Love.

Harmonization became much easier after that. My battery became so full that tachyons began exploding out of me. So I’m standing there in my backyard my hands on my heart my face to the sun and these buggers are pouring out of me. My face is wet from the overflow.

That was the rhythm that I was searching for. My brain synced automatically and then I was tuned in. My skin became hypersensitive as it tingled from the rhythm and flow of the electron beam. I was entranced by the harmony and so I dreamed. This is my dream as I rode the current of love.

I dreamed for a healthy atmosphere full of life giving tachyons.

I dreamed for a revitalized Mother Earth as I felt my own connection warm my feet.

I dreamed for world peace and for a new reality for all who are suffering.

I dreamed for newly found friends and for their own hearts dreams. A surge of tachyons leave my face as I think this thought, travelling through our connectedness to you, I know you can feel it, ‘cause I feel it too.

I dreamed for my wife and no more achy knees and an abundance of love for my darling fairy.

I dreamed for my boys and for hearts passions found. May your search be a peaceful one, my heart is always yours.

I dreamed for my family and for the love we all carry. No distance, no silence can ever diminish.

I dreamed for Mum and her forgetful ways for lasting peace and happy days.

I dreamed for Vicki and of luscious dark soil. May it rain, may it rain and may that soil do you well as it basks in the sun even as you bask in the glow of all who adore you, none more so than I.

I dreamed for Brenda and her so busy life. She has such love in her heart, may she not forget herself in her hustle and bustle. There are those who wish to return that love to her.

I dreamed for Larry and for doing it through there. Slow your pace, it’s not a race, for yourself please take care. We want you to stick around, many more stories we must share.

I dreamed for Scott and a speedy recovery. To a long lived life full of fitness and vitality.

I dreamed for Christine and for renewal, a new world to explore. May the river of life carry you to your true hearts fulfillment.

I dreamed for all, please know it is true. In the moments within the harmony, within the flow, there were tachyons I sent that had your name on them, yes I do mean you.

I roused myself as the overflow subsided and I stood for a little while. I took a breath and then another and allowed the wash to subside.  As my senses began to return to normal I lowered my head and opened my eyes. I’m energized and inspired, so I decided to write this post.

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping me dream. You are all making Brett’s Future a reality.

With only one thing left to say, I’ll just borrow from a recent tweet of mine if that’s OK?

One wish I have for you today
I send it from above
This wish for you, please let me say
Is that your day is full of love





  1. Oh, this is lovely, Brett! I finally caught up with it after a busy day, and an afternoon in my own back garden, enjoying as always the flowing meditation of the work. You describe your experience so beautifully, as always, and with such an open-hearted soulfulness. And it feels entirely right to say, as I do now: Namaste…


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