Guest Blogger: Mike’s Dream


Special thanks to the fabulous Mike D. for this wonderfully poetic & thought provoking dream. You can catch Mike on Twitter, his handle is @DailyDoober.

A special word to you. Yes you, you know who I mean. You, the person that was moved by Mike’s Dream. You’re thinking to yourself right now, I know I can feel it. Your thinking to yourself, wow that dream was amazing, the guy who wrote it is amazing. You know what, your instincts are correct, he is amazing & you owe it to yourself to get in touch with him. There is no chance from here to infinity that a soul as bright as that of Mike D. would ever have to be forced to walk alone. Not in my reality, not in Brett’s Future. So go on you, dream a little, get in touch with him, you never know where providence just might take you.


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