Let me show you around Brett’s Future


So maybe, just maybe, by now you may have seen that blue head flash across your screen. You might have seen some strange or even interestingly titled posts flash down your reader. Or you may have even seen those tweet poems popping around the twittersphere. All of them with that name Brett’s Future on them.

You’ve probably thought to yourself, I must check out that blog one day. But then you get busy and life takes over. But just in case today is your day to say, you know what I might just read one of those posts from that weird guy Brett I thought I would reach out to today. But which one will I read you ask yourself? Well you’re in luck. In anticipation of this very day I’ve summarized all my key posts so far for you in one easy to navigate page.

In fact I’ve called it Brett’s Future Navigation Page. Click on the link and check it out. You can then pick and choose which posts you want to read.

Go on, scratch that itch today, find out what it’s all about. Click here to find your way around. Come on, you know you want to.

Thank you so much, I am honored by your interest.

In unity,