Circling the Square: the lost art of communication – Part 2


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I have a thought for you.

Is there a difference between sending a text message to someone, that says let’s say:

‘ily’ or ‘i love you’ or even ‘ILY<3’ or any other derivative. They all mean the same thing right? Well what do they mean?

Do they mean, go away, bugger off, I don’t want to communicate with you anymore, but I want to be nice about it? Maybe sometimes that’s true.

Or do they mean, I’m really busy and I can’t think of anything else to say, but still be there for me, in case I get bored or lonely? Maybe sometimes that’s true.

Or maybe those three letters ‘I’ ‘L’ ‘Y’  do actually mean the true intent behind their abbreviation. Maybe those three letters do mean those three words, I love you.

So at those times when we press the send button, the green light for go, on that text telling the receiver that we love them, we are sending out tachyons to deliver the message. You remember we covered that in Part 1. Have a read if you missed it.

The data that we know and understand and accept are those contained within the 18 exabytes travelling across the mobile network to eventually pop up on your loved one’s screen – the text saying ‘ILY<3’.

But can I tell you that those are not the only tachyons (or bytes if you prefer) that reach the receiver of the message.

The text message is only half the message. The text message only represents the square data that you sent .

Remember there are two parts to every message. Two ways that the intent of the message gets through. It’s the duality of data remember. Of course I’m speaking of circle data.

Tachyons being such agile things will happily transmit your message in either way. The tachyon will happily be the circle or the square. It’s just waiting for your instruction, your charge if you like about how you’d like to communicate.

In binary systems such at data bytes and text messages the communication is very square. The data is binary so the information that is sent and received is done so in a very black and white manner. You see the text on your screen, you read the sign, the message is clear and real.  

So when it comes to ticking the box on the first way of instructing those tachyons we’ve got square data all covered.

But what about the circle? What is the circle? And what does it have to do with sending text messages?

Square data is binary. Circle data is non-binary.

Non-binary data can best be described by humans as the thing that we call emotions and intentions.

Once again I repeat, remember that we are electrical. As a result our bodies emit an electro-magnetic charge constantly. That charge is basically tachyons vibrating at a particular frequency as electric current flows in and around and through you constantly. What do you think a body aura is? It’s the electro-magnetically charged tachyons that are interacting with the charge flowing through and around your body. Here’s one of many articles that confirm this. You’ve probably seen images such these photo’s of peoples aura’s before. Now you know that it’s the electro-magnetically charged tachyons that you are seeing. Think of your aura as your very own personal Northern Lights.

8 people's aura

You might remember in my post called ‘The Dichotomy of Duality‘ I mentioned that the endocrine system is basically the power generator of emotions within our hydrated liquid crystal bodies.

These emotions are the key drivers of this electro-magnetic charge that we are emitting all of the time. This charge interacts with and powers up all of the tachyons in your immediate vicinity, in your reality. So your emotions cause tachyons to go snap, crackle and pop all around you, even though they are too tiny to see and you need special camera’s to photograph them. Their invisibility to us is a bit like the humble wi-fi data byte in that respect, you know that other tiny invisible thing that we all believe in.

So if the electro-magnetic nature of our emotions impacts or shall we say gives charge to the tachyons that surround you, what’s that got to do with sending a text message? I know I ramble on sometimes, my apologies. But think about this if you will:

If our emotions give charge to tachyons, they supply the power, it is our intentions (or our thoughts if you like) that supply the data.

Those tachyons that are all around you are charged (or instructed) by the combined electro-magnetic bombardment of our emotions and intentions. Once they are encoded they instantly, I mean faster than light speed instantly, pass on those instructions until the destiny of the data is fulfilled.

So when you send that square data text message, please, please, I implore you, do not forget to include your circle data message with it. Press the send button on your phone, but also give the green light for go to your heart. Send your emotional intentions of love to the recipient as well. That way you know you have sent a complete message. You also know that when the recipient opens and reads your text, if they open themselves up to receiving the two pronged electrically charged message they will experience both. Their eyes will read and logically understand the text but their hearts will also feel those tachyons that spiral in circles towards them.

How can you tell if you’ve also received the circle data tachyons?

You will feel it. Try it, discuss it with your loved one. Make a vow to send each other a text today, a text encoded with both square and circle data. Send your loving intentions their way. When you receive the message from your loved one, open up to the message and feel the bombardment of circle charged tachyons as they hit you. You may get goosebumps, or a lump in your throat, or a tingle down your spine, or a flutter to your heart. However subtle I guarantee that you will feel that circle data. Those tachyons will make certain, you just have to open yourself up to feel it.

Think of opening yourself up to feeling circle data as akin to tuning in your electrical frequency to the correct channel. Your phone does this with square data and it’s nowhere near as smart as you are, so naturally you can do it with your electrical body.

I’ll give you a tip on how to tune in. The best, most powerful bandwidth for transmitting circle data is the frequency of, you guessed it, love. So go on, send a 2 pronged text message to someone you love today.

So there we have it, the Duality of Data.

Square Data = binary coded data. The text, the email, the written word, the spoken word, the map, the sign, the arrow.

Circle Data = emotionally coded data. The thought, the intention, the nod, the glance, the smile, the gesture, the hug.

So what do you say? The lost art of giving and receiving circle data has never really been lost. It’s just that sometimes we forget about these things. Sometimes we get so caught up in only communicating with square data that we overlook the most important part. So let’s make sure we remember both data types and communicate with purposeful intent.

Just remember this one thing when communicating; Circle the Square.

Perhaps that’s what they were trying to tell us?

crop circle & cube

This post to you is full of loving intent as you are reading this now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring me as you have.

After reading Part 1 & Part 2, you might be interested in re-reading my post The Destiny of Three it might put a different spin on it.

I’m humbled to have had this connection with you.

I am circling the square for you right now, can you feel it?



PS – as always I pose you the question, is it science fiction or science fact? You be the judge, create your own reality.