The Story of Matter: Part 2 – There is no Matter

It’s probably a good idea to catch up on the previous 2 posts – ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘ and then ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1 – Understanding the 4%

There is no spoon and there is no matter.

That’s what I am telling you. Everything you believe currently about matter is a fallacy.

Do you remember this pie chart from my previous post?

matter in the universe pie chart


All of my post ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1’ only covered the part of the universe occupied by the light blue wedge. 4.6% of the whole. Yes I know this number varies a bit here or there depending on the research you read. To nullify any arguments why don’t we say that mankind has a grasp on 10% of the known universe.

Do you think there is any correlation between humanity knowing about 10% of the universe and humanity using about 10% of our brain power? Just think about that.

Imagine if you were a citizen who lived in the 90% zone of the universe. It’s theoretical so just imagine it for a second. Imagine that you, as a school child of this zone were reading a school text book about what made up the universe. The pie chart might look like this:


The conversation with Dad at home that night might go like this.

‘Dad, what’s this stuff called Dark Matter? You know, the 10% of the universe that is unknown. The part that our scientists don’t know about yet. What is it Dad? Do you know?’

“Well nobody knows for certain son, that’s why we call it Dark Matter. It just appears so dense to us. The best I can say is that I’ve heard it is because that part of the universe has a problem with current flow. That part of the universe is less energetic, that’s why it’s so dense and in some places so solid. Does that make sense to you son?’

‘Sure it does Dad. That’s what I was thinking too. I reckon it’s because that area of the universe has a problem soaking up the current. Their wavelength is so long and the frequency is so low in that 10%.’

“You know what son, I think you might be right.”


Does that sound like a plausible conversation that could be had, if you lived in the other 90% zone?

So what I am saying when I say; There is no Matter. Is to say, why don’t we start looking at the Universe in the same way as the citizens of the other 90% of the Universe look at it.

What do I mean by that?

We are looking at matter and instantly in our heads we are thinking of particles.

Am I right? We have been so trained to think of matter as a tangible thing and that tangible things are made of particles.

It’s a paradigm of human thinking.

But we now know, we smart, clever humans that the more closely you look at matter the less like a particle it is.

In fact it’s clear nowadays that the more closely we inspect matter the more we realise that it is not a particle at all. It is a wave.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, if we want to understand the universe we need to give ourselves a paradigm shift. We need to realise that to truly begin to feel and understand how interconnected everything is we must view it as a wave.

We, this stuff we currently call matter, the 10% or the 4% or whatever % we want to say is actually not separated from the rest of the universe. That we are all 100% and that every thing around us is 100% part of the same spectrum of matter.

But the only way we can do that is to realise that ‘there is no spoon and that it is we who must bend’.

Humanity and the rest of the whole big wide wonderful universe are all riding the current of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Electro magnetic spectrum story

Does the universe make more sense to you now? Can your brain conceive of the fact that everything is a wave and not a particle? It’s difficult I know. So difficult that it may be the next big frontier for humanity. Imagine a worldwide push to realign our paradigm and to discover how to think like a wave instead of a particle. What could be discovered? What might lay behind that veil of thought?

So this is the point. The only way that we humans can currently describe everything in the universe is by looking at it as a waveform. The electromagnetic spectrum in all of it’s possible frequencies and amplitudes creates an overall resonance. That resonance, the overall vibe of the universe if you like is what I like to call the symphony of the universe. Because, for me anyway, the easiest way to think of waveforms is to think of sound. The universe has a hum to it. It must have because everything is a wave. We know this is true for the Earth. It’s called the Schumann Resonance. This is one of the ways that our planet gets its vibe. Watch the 22 second animation of it on the right side of the wiki page and it will make more sense.

As I always ask, please live in the question and just let my proposition sit with you for a while. Do not let your own fractals of truth prevent you from entertaining the possibility that the concept of ‘everything is a wave’ could be true and consider what it might mean.

I mentioned something in my post, ‘Hey There, what’s that Sound?’ and I’d like to repeat the analogy again here if I may. We know that as humans we have the brain power to exhort control over our emotional state. Our thoughts controlling our emotions is a well studied and documented fact. As electronic beings (I’ll keep reminding you), our emotions are one of the most powerful emitters of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is so powerful that it resonates in all directions through the system. So we can use this electromagnetism to our advantage. We can learn to find a resonance within the overall waveform that is the universe. A resonance that feels right, that gives charge and current flow through our electrical system.

Because we can deliberately do this via our thoughts if we choose to it means we are in control. If the resonance of the universe is akin to a symphony, are we not therefore musicians in the orchestra? We just need to tune our instrument in as best we can.

Something to ponder in your quieter moments perhaps.

I have so much more to tell you about this unfathomable universe.

The very next thing I’m going to tell you is that particles rule. Yep that’s right. It’s all about particles.

Does it sound like I’m contradicting myself after what I said earlier in this post? Well you’ll have to come back next time and find out if that’s the case.

What I will tell you may just be the missing ingredient in helping your left brain and your right brain begin to reach a level of understanding about this weird and wacky universe. That and more coming soon somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Until then my friend let’s sing the song of the universe together.

In unity,


Part 3 now published, click on the link to read: ‘The Story of Matter: Part 3 – The Particle of Particles


  1. Excellent!

    You wrote,

    “Do you think there is any correlation between humanity knowing about 10% of the universe and humanity using about 10% of our brain power? Just think about that.”

    All of this reminds me of a couple of things: first, yes, I think your proposal above is spot on, and second, it goes hand in hand with our lack of consciousness with ourselves, the universe and each other. And there are a corrupt few who benefit from our ten-percent brain-power and who never want to allow us to become the symphony orchestra we were designed to be.

    I just read about the Schumann Resonance, and, on another site, even listened to some of the deep guttural tones of our universe: it was as if the universe was moaning with all of us, as we (humanity) begin to finally comprehend what this entire production is all about.

    I sense that my coming across you and your knowledge and insight is a function of the electrical universe, the creator/intelligent designer I have always been drawn to but was looking for in all the wrong places.

    Yes, I believe, too, we are all skilled musicians in this grandest of all symphony orchestras. And so, as you say, we must find out how to become ‘in tune”, individually, first and foremost, and then collectively. And then, perhaps, we will finally be capable of hearing the other grand symphonies out there… together, not separate/divided.

    Sorry, this is how I respond when I sense I am experiencing the truth and gaining knowledge! I suddenly feel much younger and alive again.

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    1. Thanks DB! You know what? I feel like a young 18 year old lad myself, just discovering the world for the 1st time. I remembered how it felt when I was biologically that age. But being psychologically 18 again feels so much better!!! And the world, the universe, it’s so much more beautiful and amazing and inspiring then I ever could have imagined!
      I am so glad that the frequency of my vibration has resonated with you. Yes you found this information through synchronicity and that is a real thing that is just one of many wonders of this amazing universe. The higher we raise our awareness (ie vibration) the more of this wonderful place we can all experience. Thank you so much for reading and for your wonderful feedback. If I may, now that you’re feeling a buzz about things, I recommend that you read my post – ‘Hey there what’s that Sound’ – I reckon that you will feel the buzz even more after that. Here’s the link…


  2. Cool. Back in my “psychotic state” and sometimes even now in my “residual phase” of schizophrenia, I used to and still do believe in telepathy and it’s possible due to the potential fact that one’s brain can “hook up” or “link” to another person’s brain and thereby experience, feel, or just flat “know” what the other individual is thinking, feeling, hearing etc., through our brainwaves.

    I don’t claim to be a mind-reader though!

    I just know that when I get close to someone, especially a romantic relationship, I often find myself saying exactly what they were thinking…then they always ask, “How’d you do that?” I just reply: “I don’t know.”


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