The Story of Matter: Part 3 – The Particle of Particles

In order to fully understand this post I highly recommend you read the other 3 connected posts. The links will open up separate tabs for you to do that. ‘Can you feel the Vibe?, ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1‘ & ‘The Story of Matter: Part 2‘.

I want to show you something amazing. Have a look at this!


Do you see that? It’s a bubble. Well more precisely it’s a sphere. Amazing isn’t it. Do you know what it represents? Let me tell you, but first let me help you imagine something first.

Imagine you are standing in the middle of a large stadium. Perhaps one like any of these.

Now imagine if you will that while you are standing in the middle of the stadium it was filled up to the brim with the spheres I showed you.



Can you picture it? It’s sort of like you’re inside a giant ball pit.

Ball pit


Now I’d like you to get a little creative with your imagination as you are standing in the middle of the stadium surrounded by these spheres. Can you do that for me?

OK so you’re in the stadium and in pour the spheres. They’re all around you and pretty soon they fill the stadium up like a big bubble bath. Imagine that as soon as the stadium was full instantly at that moment the spheres reduced in size by 50%. Suddenly the stadium is less full right?

So here’s the creative bit. Imagine this process of filling up and reducing in size by half kept repeating over and over and over again. Pretty soon those bubbly spheres are going to get tinier and tinier in size. But remember, your still standing in the middle of the stadium and these spheres are still surrounding you. The stadium keeps getting filled up with them, just like a bath tub. But every time it fills the bubbles shrink in size again.

If you repeated this process of filling and shrinking these bubbles over and over and over again, billions of times do you know what you would end up with? Do you know how it would feel? How it would look? Surrounded by countless billions upon billions of tiny spherical bubbles. Let me show you.

It would look like this!

Soccer - Under 21 International Friendly - England v Italy - Wembley Stadium

Can you see how different it looks?

The above photo is a photo that someone has taken surrounded by these little tiny spheres. Can you see how different it looks to what you would see if you stood in the stadium yourself?

You can’t see any difference? Do you think it looks exactly the same as if there were no bubbles inside the stadium?

Very clever. You are correct, it looks exactly the same.

However, did you realize that everywhere you go you are walking around (or perhaps swimming around is a better word) in all of these bubbles? Did you know that? Well you do now.

Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce you to the smallest thing in the universe.

It is called the Planck Spherical UnitPSU for short.

These PSU’s are tiny and they are everywhere. The universe is filled with them. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny.

Try and wrap your head around this for a moment.

Inside the sphere below there is a dot. Can you see the dot? The dot is only 0.1mm in diameter. It is about the smallest thing that the human eye can see. The image next to it shows it under 250% magnification so you can see it more easily.


Now think about this. I’m going to need your imagination again, I hope you don’t mind.

Imagine, if you can, to the best of your ability, just how unfathomably large the universe is. Just for a second, really try and wrap your brain about it. Take your thoughts out beyond the solar system, beyond the Milky Way, beyond the Virgo Supercluster all the way to the very edges of the universe. It’s huge right? Mind bogglingly huge.

Now compare the size of this unfathomable universe to the tiny dot in the middle of the bubble above. There’s a big difference between the 2 right? An enormous difference.

OK, have you got that thought in your mind?

Now understand this.

The universe is to the tiny 0.1mm dot as the dot is to the PSU.

Let me repeat that in a slightly different way. The tiny 0.1mm dot is the equidistant central point (size wise) between the PSU and the universe as a whole.

That is how tiny, tiny, tiny a PSU is. It’s mind bending isn’t it? But these things are everywhere. They surround us. They are us. Everything in this dimension of the whole wide wonderful universe is made up of PSU’s.

We are all just one big can of PSU soup, if you want to think of it that way.

These are the smallest possible things measurable to mankind. You remember in my post ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘ I said that the smaller the item the faster its relative speed of vibration. So under that principle these PSU’s are the fastest vibrating thing that exists in the whole universe.

Why is that important? Because PSU’s are the fabric of what we know as space time.

Do you remember this image from my post ‘Can you feel the Vibe?’


I used it to help describe the phenomena whereby the faster something vibrates (ie the speed it travels from point A to point B and back again) the closer and closer the object can be said to be at a state of rest. So if PSU’s are the fastest moving things in the universe then is stands to reason that they could also be described as the slowest moving thing in the universe. I mean if they are infinitely fast they must to any observation look to be in a state of rest, being both everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

So if you will, allow this thought to just sit with you. Live in the question remember.

I will leave you with one final tidbit of information for today.

Do you remember in my post ‘Understanding the 4%‘ I discussed the 4 states of matter. Solid, liquid, gas & plasma. Remember I said that in reality the only difference between each state was the amount of energy contained within the matter. Less energy = more solid, more energy = less solid.

Did you know that only recently science has been able to confirm the existence of a 5th state of matter?

Do you know how they found it? Science has finally developed the technology to be able to test an ages old theory about this state of matter. They have proven it’s existence. It’s a state of matter that might change everything about the way we look at the universe.

This new state of matter is something I will tell you about next time……….somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Stay tuned, the way this state of matter behaves might just blow you away.

I can feel your vibes increasing already! Mine are too!

In unity,


UPDATE: ‘The Story of Matter: Part 4 – The 5th State‘ out now, click on the link to read.

If you want to hear some more information about these things have a listen to the amazing Nassim Haramein discuss the quantum field. This man is revolutionizing quantum physics with his methods.




    1. Thank you as always Lesley. I think the secret is to always think of yourself as an empty cup. I view myself as an empty cup for the more I think I know, the more I realize I don’t. But I’ve come to understand that the best feeling is not the sense of the fullness of your cup but the sense of the constant filling of your cup. It’s a current flow this constant seeking and contemplating and sharing of knowledge. It’s an exciting thing to regard everyone and everything as your teacher because by default when you do that you become their teacher as well. It least that’s how it feels to me. Thank you for being my teacher as well, you are wonderful at it. 🙂

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  1. I agree with the other two comments! This is fascinating info.

    But understand, I’m just an old musician, and so I am not on top of everything scientific or mathematical. But you have a way of teaching this info so that even a dunce like me can begin to understand.

    I forgot to mention this in my last comment. This whole idea of everything vibrating in the universe and being transmitted through waves (electricity), as you can probably imagine, “resonates” with me greatly, because of music.

    There is something very magical/mystical about how music impacts human beings, in like/unlike and pleasing/unpleasant ways. Like a piano string, when effected by a vibrating string close by (a “sympathetic vibration”), we humans sympathetically vibrate to the musical frequencies that resonate with our hearts and minds. And although musical taste varies between cultures and peoples, there seems to be a common thread, a common vibrating frequency, when it comes to certain tones being closely connected with others: for instance, the twelve-tone scale sensibility of the western ear, and the twenty-four-tone scale sensibility of the eastern ear.

    They are two different scales, attached to different cultures, and yet the affect, for both cultures, is basically the same. There is a connection between what I’ve just described and what you are revealing to me here. And this connection makes great sense to me, in a cognitive and affective sense!

    Thank you!

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    1. Well DB you have hit right to the heart of the matter. It must be your musical skills because in this one comment you may just have summarized everything there is to know about my blog. Your insights & your intuition are amazing and I get the feeling that your world will never be the same. Because if you know the sound is there you want to listen to it all the time. And the only way to really tune yourself into it is to resonate with the right frequency (the right sympathetic vibration). And that vibration is the emotion we call love. When you feel that rhythm inside of you, your whole world begins to change. Stay tuned! Thank you for your support and for your amazing comments, I feel very humbled and honored by them.


      1. I am humbled and honored also. As you said in your other reply, this is synchronicity. And I agree completely, love is the main resonance that is attempting to vibrate with all of us: “The Greatest of these is Love.”

        When we (humanity) all come to vibrate with this frequency (love), and be in perfect tune with the universe, then I have no doubt that, if I’m still kicking, I will no longer have to write about the issues I’m compelled to write about now!

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      2. Hey, I just read the “Hey there, What’s that Sound,” and I see what you mean: synchronicity is the word.

        In much of what I read these days, the authors slam sports events as being part of a bad system, and they are. But I always though that people were drawn to these events for more reasons that just the sport itself.

        As you point out, we humans are drawn to this type of setting because we are starving for mass unity and harmony (LOVE), and at these events, I think most people, because of the “vibes,” are able to let loose and feel free to experience some kind of oneness, some kind of unity and harmony with a large portion of humanity. It is as if, for a moment anyway, they experience the way life should be 100% of the time.

        I know that’s the vibration I always got at these events, with goosebumps and shivers running up and down my spine until there were tears in my eyes.

        Don’t ever give up and stop what you’re doing here! We need folks like you, desperately! You’ve given me hope that the science I loved as a child is still honest and good!

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      3. Thanks DB. You know, you don’t need to be at a sporting event to get that same buzz. You can get it around the dinner table with your family, or in a business meeting or just in a conversation with a friend. It’s all to do with the electromagnetic flow of energy that is emitted by us. Our bodies pulse with it and it affects us and our surroundings. If you pump out good vibes from your heart, people feel it, even without words. Just like you can feel the good vibes I’m pumping out to you right now! Thanks for reading and for your wonderful encouragement.


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