The Story of Matter: Part 4 – The 5th State

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Are you ready to find out what the true nature of the Universe is like?

I recommend you catch up on my previous posts about this subject in order to fully appreciate the information I’m sharing in this post.

Here are the links you need: ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘, ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1‘ : ‘The Story of Matter: Part 2‘ : ‘The Story of Matter: Part 3‘.

So far if you’ve followed my posts above we’ve established the following key concepts:

  • There is a universal principle that is; the smaller a vibrating object the faster its relative speed.
  • We realized that the only difference between a solid, liquid, gas or plasma is the actual speed of the vibration of the component parts (eg the atoms or the sub atomic particles).
  • We further realized that the only real way to classify everything that there is in this enormous universe is to look at it as a wave instead of as a particle. Everything in the universe can be measured on the electromagnetic wave spectrum.
  • We also discovered that if we look at the universe as being made up of particles then the particles that it is made up from are the smallest particles measurable by us, the PSU. And according to the universal principle of size/speed these particles which are mind bogglingly small are therefore infinitely fast. So fast in fact that they could be said to be in a state of rest, both being everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.

So what do you think might happen to a particle that is vibrating at the fastest speed there can ever be? Could we find out do you think? Could we perform an experiment?

The problem with speed in this material, very solid environment that we live in is that we seem to be bound by certain limits. We try, we spend billions and billions of dollars trying. We invented a thing called the Large Hadron Collider to help us do it. To date the fastest speed that this enormous piece of technology can accelerate a particle to is 299.8 million metres per second. Now that’s pretty fast. Extraordinarily fast. It is basically the speed of light.

However, despite this breakneck speed and the billions it cost to achieve it we still can’t punch through that speed of light barrier. So our hopes of achieving infinitely fast speed is hampered by the solidity of the reality we live in. Using the Large Hadron Collider to speed something up to see what happens is producing some remarkable results, the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle is an example.

But it seems that we are a long way off replicating the vibratory speed of the PSU. I mean if the PSU is the fastest thing in the universe, so fast that the speed has caught up to itself, then the Large Hadron Collider is well away from recreating that speed.

However! If we apply the principle that an infinitely fast object, for all intents and purposes could be said to be at a state of rest (ie it’s so fast it looks like it’s not moving) perhaps there is another way to discover how the PSU might behave.

And there is!

If we can’t make an object speed up to an infinitely fast speed because of the limitations of the environment we are in, can we slow an object down to a point where it is (almost) completely at rest? Remember infinitely fast and fully at rest are basically identical states.

The answer is yes! Science has discovered a way to slow the vibration of atoms down until they can be said to be at complete rest. How do they do that? What happens to the atoms when they do that?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the 5th state of matter. It is called, the Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC for short). The name’s a mouthful but there’s a reason for it.

Watch the following 2 videos and find out. Once you see what happens to atoms when they are completely at rest it will blow you away! And it also might start to make sense of many, many things.

Watch, enjoy. I have more to say after the video’s.

‘Just to think about this causes me wonder and confusion’ – Daniel Kleppner

Maybe now, by understanding how the slowest thing in the universe (the BEC) behaves we also understand how the fastest thing in the universe (the PSU) behaves.

If I can harken back to my post ‘There is no Matter’ to confirm that everything is a wave, a wonderfully interconnected PSU wave that happens to be all around us behaving as the 5th state of matter, at rest, just being. But also pulsating with energy at an infinitely fast rate, the wave of light playing the symphony of the universe.

I’m sure you have heard spiritually focused people talk about oneness or unity. I’m sure you’ve heard scientifically focused people talk about the unified field.

Now I believe we are seeing a great convergence. The coming together of the right brained spiritual mind and the left brained scientific mind to form a common understanding of the universe. All is one, all is interconnected, we are not separate atoms, we are all part of the whole magical universe. Connected together through the symphony of light and sound. Electromagnetic harmonies surrounding us and within us.

For me at least all of this information helps with an understanding of a couple of things much more clearly than I ever have before.

I understand now why raising our vibration through mind, body and emotions feels so right. The higher our vibration means by definition the higher proportion of PSU’s vibrating in or closer to the BEC state of waveform oneness. Remember all 5 states coexist simultaneously.

Additionally, to feel more like the oneness of the interconnect BEC rather than the separateness of the individual atom, we can also try to place ourselves in a state of rest. This is why, in my humble opinion meditation allows the individual to feel the sense of connection to the universe more strongly. For in the state of meditation we are placing ourselves in a state of rest and that allows us to connect with the true state of the universe, we become like the 5th state. It allows for PSU’s to become charged by the symphony of light and sound.

We have the opportunity to utilize both energy domains; external and internal. Externally we can increase our vibration by increasing our current flow of energetic connectivity to our surroundings: Solid (Earth), Liquid (Water), Air (Gas) & Sun/Heliosphere (Plasma). Internally we can seek out the silence and stillness of infinity and seek current flow from the fabric of the universe itself.  Both ways of seeking out charge and harmony provide us with opportunity to experience the true state of our wonderful universe. All is one.

I have one more post to finish off this series about matter*.  So look out for that. It might even build upon my definition of this thing called life in the 3rd dimension. It may also raise some controversy.

That and lots more coming soon somewhere in Brett’s Future.

I am honored and humbled that you have followed my journey this far.

I am forever yours sincerely in the state of the condensate.

We are one,


*UPDATE: the final post in the series is now published. Click the link to read how I wrap everything up and tell the story of the true interconnected nature of matter in ‘The Story of Matter: Part 5 – We are Five



  1. Fascinating! I will have to watch the videos more when I get home… It does seem like a new common ground is rising that can facilitate all schools of thought, intuition, spirituality, etc.


  2. ‘Just to think about this causes me wonder and confusion’ – Daniel Kleppner

    I love the humility and sincerity coming from this obviously brilliant man, and yet a man who is wise enough to realize that there is always more to grasp, more to learn.. And this reminded me of this E in BEC quote;

    “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” (Einstein)


    I wanted to write that before it left me.

    I had actually seen the entire first video, a few years back. And I found it captivating, but it really didn’t register with me at that time. But it wasn’t the right time for it to register with me, I wasn’t yet beginning to vibrate at the proper resonance/frequency for it to register.

    Now, however, and thanks to you, it begins to make sense to me, and not just in scientific terms.

    What you wrote above speaks to my mind and heart in a way you can’t imagine. I am beginning to understand that the universe is, and has been, speaking to me, through much of what I have read and studied over the last few years. And now, the portion that was missing, the portion that I was searching for, but couldn’t find, has been brought to my attention by means of the universe’s messages transmitted through you.

    I was looking for knowledge that would answer the burning questions about why we are and what purpose we have, beyond any belief system or ideology/philosophy. I had been there and done that, and I wasn’t going back. And the night before you started following my blog, I was angry and shouting at the skies, why won’t you give me the tiniest bit of information to hold on to as truth! And the next day I clicked on your blog. SYNCHRONICITY!

    The universe is alive, like we are alive, and we are a living part of the universe, just as our brain and heart are living portions of us, just like atoms, PSIs and BEC s are a part of us. “ALL IN ALL” finally is beginning to make sense to me, thanks to you and many others.

    I have more, but I take to much of your time as it is.

    Thank you so much!

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    1. Thanks again DB for your wonderful comments. Do not worry about taking up my time. I love it. Your excitement and enthusiasm is palpable, I feel it deeply within. I know that Eureka moment of which you speak, I have had it as well and it’s wonderful. Keep following your heart, trust your instincts and allow the wonderful, awe inspiring universe to continue to whisk you away on a journey of growth and discovery. It’s amazing the people you meet and the things you learn. We are one!


      1. Thank you so much, Brett! I was fearful I had gone on too long.

        That’s it, exactly, a “Eureka moment!” I believe there are multitudes of people right now, with all the problems in the world, who are desperately seeking THE TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE of what is and what isn’t reality.

        And you give us something substantial (empirical) to stand on as TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE. And yet, at the same time, as opposed to conveying this knowledge in a cold, impersonal, and intellectual manner, as is the way of so many others, you take science back to where I believe it began; seeking knowledge and truth that raises humanity upward, as opposed to tearing us down, shred by shred.

        Also, I will do as you suggest, I will trust my instincts and follow my heart.

        Thank you, again!


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