The Pain of Separation

night sky

I recline back in my sun lounge at the camping ground to look up at the stars above. My goal is to surrender, to let go of my earthly body.

I realise that to do so requires not thinking but feeling. I must get out of my mind and feel with my entire body.

I allow my mind one last thought, an instruction if you will. It is the vestiges of my Ego, in its fear, trying to maintain control, trying to avoid the unknown, for fear lies in the unknown, or so it thinks.

My mind issues this simple but profound instruction:

“Be Everything!”

It was then that the “knowing” struck me. The knowing told me this:

“All pain is caused by separation.”

My mind/Ego in its desperate attempt to avoid pain issued the only instruction it could think of that could successfully do this – Be Everything.

For if in my surrender and letting go I become everything, I have nothing to fear for there is nothing that is not me. I need not fear the sensation of separation nor the sensation of competition.

If I am everything, no-one is withholding their loving energy from me nor is anyone attempting to steal my loving energy from me. When I “Be Everything” I am whole, complete. I am the loved, the lover, the giver and the receiver.

My mind/Ego in its attempt to avoid pain has given me the answer. Oneness, unity, singularity – this is the secret to avoiding all pain.

I lay back in my chair and let my body go numb as it expands photon by photon to fulfill the last instruction it received.

The only sensation left to feel is LOVE.



Once more I am humbled by our connection. Thank you for reading.


In Lak’ech Ala K’in,



  1. I believe in what you are saying; however, I have a bit of a different view: To sin, is to be separate from God. Yes, separation from our Divine Creator is painful. Secondly, when you say the only thing left to feel is love, remember this: God IS love. So basically when you are letting go of your ego, in a way, you are letting go and allowing God to take over your life. When you do this, you are no longer in that painful state of separation….

    Just a few ideas to bounce to you without trying to sound to preachy.
    Your friend,


    1. Hi LaVancia, thanks for reading and for your comments. As a wise man once told me: we are all on the same train, it matters not which station you embark from.
      Thanks again 🙂

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