Welcome to Brett’s Future!

A blog about the worlds of Science Fiction and Science Fact, Philosophy, Life and Psychology all fantastic fodder for Brett’s new book The Stars of the Soul. That and a whole lot more!

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If this is your first time here you may want to start by visiting my Navigation Page. In this page I keep a summary of all key posts from the very beginnings of Brett’s Future, the blog. It’s an easy way to get a handle on the weird thing that Brett is creating here.

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A-new-universe---iconScience Fiction or science fact…..you be the judge.

Life-icon   Life…….musings and lessons learned.

The-Stars-of-the-Soul---iconThe Stars of the Soul…..sneak peeks of the new book.

Tidbits-iconTidbits…….because sometimes words come out.

 Poetry-iconPoetry…….I can’t help it.


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  1. Hey Brett,

    I saw what you did for a fellow blogger named ShadeBlade17 from My Life Story (You awarded a badge of “Inspiring Blogger”) and I found that to be really cool so I just want to come by and let you know that.

    Cheers for being awesome 😉

    Your Pal,
    David Long


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