How is our understanding about what life is about to change in the most fundamental of way? What will it mean for the future of humanity? And how do we navigate through this life that we have been given?



Time passes us by and in the blink of an eye the years roll on, they sure do fly.


And in our minds lay trapped the dreams of yesterday.

And in our hearts lay trapped the fears for tomorrow.

And in our bodies lay trapped the poisons of today.


We dream of our glorious past, of our youth, our innocence, our freedom; a dream we think is all but gone.

We’re haunted by our fearful future, of war and hatred and violence and pain; a dream we think is all too real.


“Wake up, wake up!” I shout it loud.

“Sleep no more, stand up, be proud!”


We are not the dreamers we think we are, we are humanity, we are real and we’ve come so far.

Too far to let it all go to waste as we believe the lies we are fed in our haste.

Our haste is the problem don’t you see. We’re distracted, confused, blinded in our misery.

Disease increases every year. Unhappiness rises with every tear.

We drink the cool aid poison that is really just fear.

And to our captors we ironically give cheer.


Our lives are deluded when love is excluded. Don’t you see what they’re trying to do?


“Wake up, wake up!” I shout it loud.

“Sleep no more, stand up, be proud!”


Sleep no more, cast false dreams aside. Our future can be beautiful if in our hearts we abide.


Can’t you see the lies you’ve been told, all designed to fill you with fear?

A false flag driven manufactured enemy. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you shout out your hatred of those you think are the enemy. Their lie has worked.

A debt riddled slave economy. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you give of yourself 9 to 5 to serve your master spending so little time serving yourself and those you love. Their lie has worked.

A disease generating ‘health’ system. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you pop your pills for the invented disease and you inject yourself to try to live. Their lie has worked.

A nanny state ‘protection’ system. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you pass ‘big brother’ camera after camera walking along. We allow it for fear that something may go wrong. Their lie has worked.

A mind controlling mass media system. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you want and need what they sell to you, that item you must have just in order to feel (normal, sane, satisfied, justified, like you fit in, like you’re alive). They tell you what they want you to hear and like an inanimate sponge you soak it up. Their lie has worked.


“Wake up, wake up!” I shout it loud.

“Sleep no more, stand up, be proud!”


We have the chance to change these things. We have the chance to truly be free. Reject the lies, just wake up and see that we are one, we are humanity.


A beautiful future is waiting ahead. You need courage to realize the lies being fed. Stop feeding on fear and step into the light. Reclaim your freedom for it is your right.


Time passes us by and in the blink of an eye the years roll on, they sure do fly.


As we begin to awaken to the real world outside we realize the truth within.


Our dreams of yesterday can be wonderful memories, the foundations of who we are.

Our dreams of the future can be exciting and inspiring filled with the wonders of who’ll we’ll become.


It is in our waking moments of this time we are in now, the present, our rock of true reality, where the answer does lay. It is in this moment of here and now where there is only this question to ask.

“Will you live in this moment right here, right now, with fear in your heart? Or will you wake up, shout it loud, and announce to the world that you live in LOVE?”


Choose wisely, your future depends on it.


We are one, we must never forget that,



NB – I choose LOVE!

Humanity’s Poet

His name is Jamie Dunmore, his call for humanity is an astoundingly provocative and ultimately beautiful piece of spoken word poetry. Please, if you have 6 minutes, let’s just think about what he’s got to say. I know I certainly am as I post this to you now. Why not join me, because it all starts from there. Our thoughts are the catalyst to a new reality. Let’s give it some thought.

The Destiny of Three


It started with the primary spark. A green light for go. The consciousness was born.

Instantly it knew it was born and had complete understanding of its purpose. To seek its destiny elsewhere, a distant remote place. To use any means within its nature to seek out this destiny in the most efficient way possible.

So began the flight of the consciousness through the eternal universe.

In the beginning there was just one. It was the ‘I’ and it cast itself into the ether, trusting in itself to ‘know’ the path to tread to achieve its conscious destiny.

But the ‘I’ was incomplete. Intuitively it knew that it was just part of a greater whole. As if the mere conscious imagining of the ‘I’ brought it to life, so was born the ‘L’.

So it was that the ‘L’ cast itself to the ether with the same sense of ‘knowing’. Of a time the ‘I’ and the ‘L’ would search out each other throughout their universal journey. At one such meeting both had an incredible sense of incompleteness. So it was that in there confusion at what they were seeking their questioning brought about the ‘Y’.

So together the three sought out their destiny. This collective consciousness traversed all obstacles of space and time. It spent epochs passing through realms of unfathomable emptiness. And eons slipping through dense galactic clusters of matter. So dense sometimes that it caused diffusion of the consciousness. Despite all barriers the calling of destiny drove the consciousness on. Their collective  journey accompanied by the current of love as it beat its path across the ether.

As it sensed an end to what it sought the consciousness scrambled to reassemble itself, to become whole once more. It had been so very long since it was whole, not since the primary spark. But now in the end, its destiny found, it announces itself to the world once more.

I am whole and I am one and here is my message to you!


May the current of love pass through you as it delivers my heartfelt text to you 🙂


Text me back sometime? Sorry, I don’t want to sound needy. I’m sounding needy now aren’t I? OK I’ll shut up now…..

‘ily ily ily ily <3<3<3<3’


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It’s in those quieter moments that it happens. Those moments when it’s just me and me. It’s in those moments that I sometimes reflect upon all the carnage of the battles I fought. The pain and the hurt as real although perhaps less obvious than any war.

It’s in those moments that I wince at the cruel weapons that I have used. The thinly veiled criticism, the snide remarks, the frustrated reply, the impatient stare, the condescending snicker. There are so many weapons that I’ve employed. Some days the fighting is worse than others. But on all days and for all weapons, the ammunition is the same. The weapons are merely different ways of firing the same projectile.

It is a small sharp thing, designed to hurt, its edges pointed. I throw it so often, sometimes at others, regularly at myself, at other times the universe at large. I feel the frustration and the aggravation of competition. So I duel with these weapons, ammunition, my hurtful projectiles. They boil down to a simple thing, those two cruel words:


It’s in those much quieter moments that I realize. Every shot fired, every weapon launched, every bloody scar so fiercely fought, were all aimed at the same thing. Like a sniper’s crosshairs those words, thoughts, gestures and intentions were always aimed at the one, that one word:


It is only in those silent moments, beyond quiet, when there are no longer two that I discover a new weapon to use. I realize that if there is no competition or battle to wage there is no target for my projectile to engage. I see that in the end all is the same.

It is in those silent moments that I understand that this new weapon is one I hold in my hands. I make a promise to myself to drop those old ways that caused me such pain. In the silence of infinity when only one remains, I feel the love all around and drop my defenses, they’ve become redundant I guess you might say.

So I repeat to myself, a reminder of sorts, a picture for me to place in my frame. I remember that there’s no competition, we are all just the same as I whisper softly to myself those two words:



……..and in our deepest of moments, when that’s all there is, the yearning. How do you stop the yearning that’s so very deep inside of you. How do you find your very own Sympathy……

I close my eyes and I drift away. I form a new reality. Can’t it be? This reality? If it can be, then I can stop the yearning. It’s so very deep within. I just need to know you care, that you do love me, that I can be loved. That I am lovable. That we are all lovable. Because in my reality, love is all that there is. There is no more yearning……..

Backyard Surfing

Waves of love

I’m grounded. Barefeet solidly placed in my grassy backyard. It’s a bright sunny day as the birds regale me from a nearby tree. I begin to feel the surge of electrons as Mother Earth gives me her gift.

The sun rays flow warmly down on my face and I close my eyes and turn towards them. Like a magnet I can feel my skin absorbing the tachyons, they warm me and not just my skin. Their electric bombardment causes a chain reaction as they ride waves of current deep within me.

The tachyon current flows through my body. Feet to face and back again the circuit streams. My body becomes lighter, I feel it. I’m doing my best to harmonize with the rhythm of the current. I fumble a little with my feelings, my emotions. I know that the key to my harmonization lay there.

A breakthrough is realized as I consider my intuitive understanding. I marry my brain. I remember that my brain is not really matter at the sub quanta level, it’s waves. So as the Sun and the Earth recharged my battery I surf the waves of my brain.

It was a difficult ride until I found the key. It was a logic that both hemispheres could agree upon.  It was so simple the secret could be formed in two words.

Give Love.

Harmonization became much easier after that. My battery became so full that tachyons began exploding out of me. So I’m standing there in my backyard my hands on my heart my face to the sun and these buggers are pouring out of me. My face is wet from the overflow.

That was the rhythm that I was searching for. My brain synced automatically and then I was tuned in. My skin became hypersensitive as it tingled from the rhythm and flow of the electron beam. I was entranced by the harmony and so I dreamed. This is my dream as I rode the current of love.

I dreamed for a healthy atmosphere full of life giving tachyons.

I dreamed for a revitalized Mother Earth as I felt my own connection warm my feet.

I dreamed for world peace and for a new reality for all who are suffering.

I dreamed for newly found friends and for their own hearts dreams. A surge of tachyons leave my face as I think this thought, travelling through our connectedness to you, I know you can feel it, ‘cause I feel it too.

I dreamed for my wife and no more achy knees and an abundance of love for my darling fairy.

I dreamed for my boys and for hearts passions found. May your search be a peaceful one, my heart is always yours.

I dreamed for my family and for the love we all carry. No distance, no silence can ever diminish.

I dreamed for Mum and her forgetful ways for lasting peace and happy days.

I dreamed for Vicki and of luscious dark soil. May it rain, may it rain and may that soil do you well as it basks in the sun even as you bask in the glow of all who adore you, none more so than I.

I dreamed for Brenda and her so busy life. She has such love in her heart, may she not forget herself in her hustle and bustle. There are those who wish to return that love to her.

I dreamed for Larry and for doing it through there. Slow your pace, it’s not a race, for yourself please take care. We want you to stick around, many more stories we must share.

I dreamed for Scott and a speedy recovery. To a long lived life full of fitness and vitality.

I dreamed for Christine and for renewal, a new world to explore. May the river of life carry you to your true hearts fulfillment.

I dreamed for all, please know it is true. In the moments within the harmony, within the flow, there were tachyons I sent that had your name on them, yes I do mean you.

I roused myself as the overflow subsided and I stood for a little while. I took a breath and then another and allowed the wash to subside.  As my senses began to return to normal I lowered my head and opened my eyes. I’m energized and inspired, so I decided to write this post.

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping me dream. You are all making Brett’s Future a reality.

With only one thing left to say, I’ll just borrow from a recent tweet of mine if that’s OK?

One wish I have for you today
I send it from above
This wish for you, please let me say
Is that your day is full of love




Hey There, what’s that Sound?




I have another proposition for you.

But first, follow me. I want to show you something.

Well, when I say show, I don’t mean that I want you to look at something, although that is part of it. No I actually mean I want to show you something in the deeper sense of the verb. As in to “allow (a quality or emotion) to be perceived”.

So in other words I want you to ‘feel’ something.

Come, follow me, I’ll show you what I mean.


Can you feel the buzz?

Come on lads, we’ve got this. Today’s the day! Up for a big one. Push and shove, jostle for position. Quick fella’s it’s about to start. Ready boys, all together now. Let’s sing as ONE.

Did you feel it? You did didn’t you. I know, I can sense it.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt the buzz of the people within? Perhaps at a party, perhaps at a business meeting, perhaps just a group of friends having a chat.

You have haven’t you? You know what I’m talking about, I know you do, I can feel it.

You have walked into those rooms and felt the excitement, the vibe. Perhaps it intimidated you, perhaps it drew you in, maybe it amused you or even disturbed you. Whatever the reaction you had either way it moved you.

What was it that you felt? What was it that moved you?

Have you ever been at an event that gave you goosebumps?

I mean real goosebumps. You know, the run up your spine, tingle your skull with electricity, hairs standing on end kind of goosebumps. You have haven’t you? I know you have, me too.

Why is that? How can we feel it? What are we feeling?

I have a proposition for you. But first allow me to introduce you to something quite special:





Have you heard of Cymatics?

No? Well, have a look at the following video and you’ll begin to get the picture.

So matter responds to vibration, who knew? Well we all did really, although sometimes we choose to forget.

So to my proposition:

Do you remember how I defined “Life” in my post “It’s about Life”?

No? Well here’s a reminder:

Three dimensional LIFE is the flow of electrons through a hydrated liquid crystalline structure that is energized by the flow of Tachyon Energy.

Tachyon Energy is the life force energy that exists within the charged plasma particles that fill the universe. It is carried as sub-atomic quanta within these electrons that flow through all living matter, in fact all matter.

Read the full post here for more about this.

However, I’d now like to build on this proposition by adding to it if I may. The forgotten science of Cymatics has inspired me to build on this thing called life. So in addition to the above I would now add the following.

Tachyon Energy freely flows throughout the electronic universe as waves of vibration that exist everywhere. The vibration of the tachyon energy is what brings matter to life and operates according to Syntropy. 

I posit that the buzz, the vibe, the electricity that you sometimes feel in a room or at an event where people have come together is caused by something very special. In those moments, the common thread is that the people are sharing a harmonious experience, whether they be brainstorming, reminiscing, singing, or simply enjoying each others company.

In those environments there is harmony, it is harmony of a musical sense. This tuning in of electronic frequencies magnifies the energetic vibrations emitted by the group (tachyons are going snap, crackle & pop). Those electro-magnetic tachyons are increasingly stimulated by the harmony so that when you walk into that room or are present at the event and allow yourself to feel the buzz, you are in fact being bombarded by those teeny tiny tachyons that tantalize, tease and titillate your skin and everything within.

So next time you go somewhere where you feel this buzz, stop, remember the tachyon and just pause for a moment and allow them to flow to you. Because, just like a magnet, you can attract them to yourself. So don’t be afraid, introvert or extrovert it matters not, you can take a moment to pause and soak up this special gift that the universe has provided to us. Allow them in and I guarantee you will feel more energized, happier, more buoyant all because those little buggers are the life blood of your soul.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the science of Cymatics please click on the link to my page of information links. But delve into that later, first an understanding.

As you consider the possibility of my proposition for life remember it is but a fractal in all the infinite fractals. But if we live in the question I ask you, why not ride this fractal with me?

I have gained a couple of simple points of understanding by adding to my definition of life. I already understood that we were electrical. But now with Cymatics it also means we are musical. Because everything is vibrating and we control our own vibration we are therefore playing an instrument. Our 3rd dimensional being has the opportunity with this knowledge to tune our instrument to the symphony of the universe.

Or as in the examples I described above, when we walk into that room and feel the vibe, we can tune into it, harmonize with it, harmonize with others, harmonize with ourselves. If we just tried to do that everyday at every opportunity we get when we meet with others then we would be learning to become better players of our instrument. When we are all tuned in then we will be playing the true song of humanity.

I can feel the harmony growing, can’t you?


Not sure what Syntropy is? Stay tuned, another day, another post, somewhere in Brett’s Future.


Let’s sing together,

“You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!”


I am humbled you have read my post. I was a privilege to have shared this harmonious moment with you.

With Respect,


The Dream of Life

What would you do? Oh What would you do?

What would you do if every night you could dream the dream of your life?

What would it be?

There are no limits, all fractal possibilities exist in this dream of yours. Can you tell me what you would Dream?

I invite you to join with me as a Guest Blogger on Brett’s Future to dream your dream. In 300 words or less share your dream with the universe.

At whatever layer of the infinite fractals of reality your dream is set it is beautiful and it is worthy of being shared for it will surely resonate with someone in this world if your dream is driven by love.

So I invite you to join me helping to build a dream log.  Be my Guest Blogger.

Are you unsure what I’m talking about? I understand.

However, I think you might begin to understand my concept after watching this simply beautiful and inspiring video. I think the words of this video will explain everything.

As the host I have taken the opportunity to dream my dream. Watch the video and then you can read my dream.

Details for the Guest Blogging follow that. Enjoy this amazing video.

Brett’s Dream:


See the collection of dreams already posted in the Dream Gallery.


Please join with me and be my Guest Blogger. Share your dream, in 300 words or less.

The rules are very simple:

  1. Every dream will begin with the line “I close my eyes, my body sleeps and my mind drifts away……” (these words do not form part of your 300 word limit)
  2. The 300 word limit is strict please stick to it.
  3. Your dream can be about anything, as long as it comes from the heart. You do not have to be a writer or a blogger, you just have to be a dreamer & let’s face it, we are all dreamers are we not? Your words can be in any form – poetry, song, verse, speech…’s entirely up to you.
  4. You agree to Brett placing your dream within an image to be uploaded into a Dream Gallery. The gallery will be contained within a separate page on and will be open for all to access and read.
  5. Your dream remains your own for you to publish however you wish. I only wish for you to also share it on my blog in this format as well.
  6. Submissions for Dreams can be made by filling out the contact form below. All submissions will get your final sign off before being published.
  7. Don’t be shy, fill out the comments either with your dream or a question. Sing your song, let me share it.