The Destiny of Three


It started with the primary spark. A green light for go. The consciousness was born.

Instantly it knew it was born and had complete understanding of its purpose. To seek its destiny elsewhere, a distant remote place. To use any means within its nature to seek out this destiny in the most efficient way possible.

So began the flight of the consciousness through the eternal universe.

In the beginning there was just one. It was the ‘I’ and it cast itself into the ether, trusting in itself to ‘know’ the path to tread to achieve its conscious destiny.

But the ‘I’ was incomplete. Intuitively it knew that it was just part of a greater whole. As if the mere conscious imagining of the ‘I’ brought it to life, so was born the ‘L’.

So it was that the ‘L’ cast itself to the ether with the same sense of ‘knowing’. Of a time the ‘I’ and the ‘L’ would search out each other throughout their universal journey. At one such meeting both had an incredible sense of incompleteness. So it was that in there confusion at what they were seeking their questioning brought about the ‘Y’.

So together the three sought out their destiny. This collective consciousness traversed all obstacles of space and time. It spent epochs passing through realms of unfathomable emptiness. And eons slipping through dense galactic clusters of matter. So dense sometimes that it caused diffusion of the consciousness. Despite all barriers the calling of destiny drove the consciousness on. Their collective  journey accompanied by the current of love as it beat its path across the ether.

As it sensed an end to what it sought the consciousness scrambled to reassemble itself, to become whole once more. It had been so very long since it was whole, not since the primary spark. But now in the end, its destiny found, it announces itself to the world once more.

I am whole and I am one and here is my message to you!


May the current of love pass through you as it delivers my heartfelt text to you 🙂


Text me back sometime? Sorry, I don’t want to sound needy. I’m sounding needy now aren’t I? OK I’ll shut up now…..

‘ily ily ily ily <3<3<3<3’


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My Break Up Letter to the World – a journey through word waves

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Words, what wonderful things they are. We write with them, we think with them, we communicate with them. In fact we’d be quite lost without them.

Humanity, as a global society capture the words we use in our writing. Over time some words grow in popularity whilst others fade. Without doubt the ebb and flow of the words we choose have meaning. They are our words, they are our voice.

The idea of being able to gaze into humanity’s changing thoughts as measured by the words we use has long intrigued me. It makes me think of Harry Seldon and Psychohistory as Asimov termed it.

So imagine my joy when I discovered Google’s NGram viewer. This amazing tool which reviews and graphs the words contained within some 5.2 million digitized books published since 1800 opens up a wondrous and thought provoking realm.

So I decided to dive in and have a look at the wonders of the flow of words over the past 200 plus years. I wanted to hear what the World has been saying to me.

Do you know what conclusion I reached?

I decided that it was time to break up with the World.

Yep, that’s right. It’s over. I’ve had it. I’m just fed up with how the World is treating me via the written word.

So I’ve written the World a letter explaining things. I’d really appreciate it if you could read it in order to understand why I have made this dramatic decision. It is in the form of a photo gallery for you to navigate through with ease.

Please, click on the gallery below and have a read so that you understand my reasons as well. To ensure you start at the beginning please make sure you click the top left image first (blue thumbnail). If you are reading this in the WordPress Reader please click “View Original” so that you can open up the gallery properly.

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I hope I didn’t sound too neurotic. Do you think I did?

Sorry World, don’t be too upset.

I still love you.

Text me sometime?


UPDATE: The World did send me a TXT! Click here to see it.

Until next time, somewhere in Brett’s Future.


In honor of your words,