……..and in our deepest of moments, when that’s all there is, the yearning. How do you stop the yearning that’s so very deep inside of you. How do you find your very own Sympathy……

I close my eyes and I drift away. I form a new reality. Can’t it be? This reality? If it can be, then I can stop the yearning. It’s so very deep within. I just need to know you care, that you do love me, that I can be loved. That I am lovable. That we are all lovable. Because in my reality, love is all that there is. There is no more yearning……..

The Dichotomy of Duality


Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Commander John Carters. You might know me better as Tobi’s father.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to open this communication channel from Brett’s Future back to you in your reality, now, in this time, today. Thank you for allowing me into your home via the ether. Please excuse the official logo up the top. It’s ISC policy and as a ranking officer of the ISC I must display it whenever I am transmitting information of this nature.

Tobi pinged me recently and told me he mentioned a recent Reality Shift he experienced and how he escaped Through the Vortex.

He asked, well almost begged me to send you some information on what he called his  anti-vortex-fluctuation-reality-shift secret. Strange boy that kid, always saying the darnedest things. Anyway, it would be my pleasure to give you a quick rundown on the reality shift vortex and the secret that Tobi (and all of us for that matter) use to escape from those pesky reality shifts. Well, there’s a few words involved I grant you, but it really won’t take long to read once you get into it.

OK, I’ll try not to make it too complicated. It’s not rocket science but it sort of is. But it’s pretty straight forward really. Hang on to your hats, and remember to live in the Question.


Let’s say you’re walking along one day and bam a reality shift grabs you. Well the first thing to understand is what it is and why these shifts can snap you up out of nowhere.

So I’ll keep it simple, let’s say your walking along and you get caught in one of these things.


Reality A = well let’s call this home.

Reality B = well let’s call this the other place (you don’t want to be there)

The two realities form part of an energy field, you know like say a galaxy or something like that, but sort of less visible because it’s at a micro level. Here’s a picture of a nebula to get you in the mood. Have you ever noticed how these things remind you of a brain?


Anyway, the energy field is always the same shape. Always, because that is the only shape that can exist that can keep the two realities connected. If they are connected they are connected by that shape. Oh sorry, the shape. Yes the shape is the Torus. Well a double Torus (or Tori) actually. Here’s a picture of a torus.


So it’s just like a big inner tube right? That’s the easy way to think of it. But those tubes can get pretty filled up with energy. Imagine if you kept pumping up that inner tube. It would eventually look like this, wouldn’t it?

fat torus


So every packet of energy, at whatever fractal level, is in the shape of the torus. It’s just the most efficient shape there is for energy flow. And as our electric universe is always seeking the most efficient energy management system, it is the only shape that it could be. So when two of these energy packets collide they form a double torus or a tori. Here’s a picture of what one looks like and you might begin to understand why we call them reality shift bubbles.



So with a double torus the energy circulates through the point of singularity in the center. One reality is on one side of the singularity and the other is on the opposite side. With me so far?

That’s good, I was starting to worry. Well the rest is pretty simple really. If you’re trapped on one side of the torus as in Reality B, the one you don’t want to be in then you just need to get yourself across the energy field through the singularity and presto over to the other side.

You see the electronic frequency of the torus resonates at a level that is true for both realities to come together. However, the polarity of either reality is different. One reality pulls you in like a magnet. But once you are in that reality, which normally feels more dense to you, it’s difficult to get out of it. That false reality, Reality B, it’s sticky, like honey. It’s the magnetic attraction you see. It can be quite strong. But you know it’s not your real reality, you can tell. There’s always signs that help you to tell. Density, that’s a common one. You nearly always feel heavier, like you’re in increased gravity. It’s a dead give away that you’ve hit a reality shift.

So you need to change your polarity if you are going to get yourself away from that magnetic pull of Reality B. How do you do that?

In simple terms you change your polarity by changing your frequency. You see, the frequency of your real reality (Reality A) creates a charge, a polarity, same as Reality B. To unstick yourself from B and be magnetically drawn across to A you need a shift in polarity. In simple terms think like a magnet.

Repel magnets

Figure A – Magnetic repulsion



If your real reality is the magnet on the left in Figure A and the reality shift bubble you’ve landed in is the one on the right in Figure A you can see how you’ll get stuck and won’t be able to get across. The two polarities repel each other.


Attract magnets

Figure B – Magnetic attraction



You need to change your polarity just like the magnet on the right in Figure B in order to be attracted back to your ‘home’ reality.


So, what’s the secret to changing polarity I hear you ask. What’s Tobi’s secret?

Well, here is the secret. As a conscious being, moreso as a highly evolved conscious being you can control your emotions where as other less evolved beings (such as animals) cannot so much.

Emotions or rather the energy, the electrical surge that is supplied by emotions is what creates your polarity and therefore what determines which reality you may get attracted towards or into. There are an infinite number of realities just as there are an infinite number of subtleties in your emotions.

Do you know how your emotions are controlled in your 3rd dimensional body? They are controlled via your endocrine system. The endocrine system are the glands that constantly flood your body with the hormones that affect your emotional state.

I might come back and speak of this in more detail another day. But let me specifically discuss the secret emotion that gets your frequency and your polarity to change so that you can ride the currents through the vortex and make it back to your much more comfortable, less dense reality. You’ve probably already guessed it. Yes your right.

It’s love. A 3rd dimensional body filled with this emotion will create the right charge, the right frequency to unstick you and get you through the vortex. But it doesn’t even need to be filled with love. Any love will raise you up the fractal layers. Because the tori reality bubbles exist at all fractal levels. Remember we live in the ‘no truth’ zone. This image might help you to picture the layers within layers.


So any level of love works. Right down to the smallest fractal. Because right down at the smallest level, there is eventually only 1 torus left. No more reality bubble collisions are possible. And the frequency that the original reality bubble torus resonates at just happens to be the same frequency emitted when we feel love. That’s why that emotion feel so ‘right’ to us. It’s because at the basic most microscopic level that’s all there is, that’s the buzz that’s inside you.

But expansion occurred, the big bang or whatever other theory you subscribe to and ever since there’s been an infinite number of fractal layers. The one that we are in, in this dimension has many reality bubble collisions occurring. But ultimately there is only one type of collision that truly occurs. That collision, those 2 realities. Well, this is what they are;

Remember we are electrical, so it is simply the polarization of the charge. Energy flows between the two realities because of this. It’s a flow of current. But we humans get confused and we forget that we are electrical. So instead of allowing the flow of current to naturally be, we cut the flow, because we want to hold on to the power of the electron charge that sits in our reality.

Somehow we get confused and think that our power charge is a closed system. But everything, I mean everything in this universe is electrical. There is no such thing as a closed system. We are all connected and the current flows through everything. Tachyons and tori energy packets are everywhere.

In nature, there is a natural understanding about the flow of energy when the energy packets collide. So nature allows it to flow, well, naturally. A bit like it does for our beautiful planet Earth and her magnetic fields.

Earths magnetic flow


You notice the shape don’t you. Yes a torus. The energy flows through the system. From the universe and back out to the universe. From one pole to the other and back again.

But we humans forget about the exchange, consider it a closed system and try to keep hording the power.

If we think about our realities as being separate, closed energy systems, then we create a duality. It’s them against us. A against B.

What have you created? If at the most minute level as I previously mentioned, when only 1 reality bubble remains, a bubble thrumming to the rhythm of love, then what is this other bubble that we have created? What is this other closed system that we feel is trying to steal our electric charge, drain our power?

Well the best way to describe it, this thing, is to say that it is a frequency or a resonance that is not love. The closer the reality bubble is to love, the less the polarity difference. The tipping point and where these energy packets start creating the vortex fluctuations that Tobi told you about is when the divergence of the polarity or the frequency moves through the emotional spectrum beyond a certain point.

The tipping point is reached when the energy packet that is the other torus begins vibrating at the frequency or resonance most accurately describe by humans as fear.

So these collided tori as they suffer vortex fluctuations and interference to the free flow of current get stuck together and bam, you end up getting sucked into the other bubble. The place you don’t want to be. Fear.

So ultimately you just need to remember that all the energy packets are the same. Allow the flow, the giving and receiving of energy through the system. As I said , it’s an open connected system, not a closed one.

The secret to doing that is to remember that when 2 energy packets collide, you already know that one of the energy packets will be love. But what is the other energy packet? Well that energy packet is love as well. I told you, love is all there is.

But when the energy packets collide the energy can either flow freely, or it can stop flowing completely. As you’ve probably guessed by now, fear is the frequency, the resonance that stops the flow of energy and dumps you in double density gravity as it did for Tobi.

But how did Tobi start the energy flow back up again? Well first of all he filled himself up with tachyons. I’ll tell you how that happened another time. The abundance of tachyons allowed him to resonate love. He was vibrating at the right frequency. So how did he start the flow of energy and get sucked back through the vortex?

He turned the power flow back on in his reality bubble by adding another frequency to his vibration. That frequency is best described in human language as the emotion called gratitude.

So there you have it folks, the Dichotomy of Duality.

Live in a reality of Fear = double density gravity and closed system drained of power.

Live in a reality of Love & Gratitude = lighter gravity, flowing energy system abundant with power.

The dichotomy is that in order to gain power out of the system you must be prepared to give away your power to create the flow of current. Haven’t you ever noticed how energized you feel if you help someone, show someone love, show someone gratitude? This is why. As the flow of current (ie the tachyons) leave your reality and flow to the other, new current flows automatically into you. The tachyons rush magnetized towards you full of charge! It’s a wonderful feeling, try it. Do a scientific experiment, give someone love and just feel the flow of power that comes to you as a result.

Remember, I’m just trying to cover off on the benefits of the system that has free flowing current. Just remind yourselves, we are electrical and you’ll begin to understand. I know the realization is a new one. However, if we start understanding this more than we can become better drivers of these electronically controlled vehicles that we’ve been given to play with in this dimension.

I’ll leave you with a final couple of thoughts.

Scientifically speaking the collided energy pockets that we think of as reality should not be thought of as duality. If we consider that the other energy pocket is competing for energy with us then we live in fear and the flow breaks down. If we continue to resonate to the vibration of love and then we give away our love to the other energy packet by vibrating with gratitude than we can get the system running optimally again. This is why you’ve probably heard the expression ‘fear is an illusion’. It’s because of this. The other energy packet isn’t ‘fear’ it’s still love. It’s not your enemy, it’s the same as you, the same as your energy packet. If you vibrate with love and feed love to the other system through gratitude, fear does not exist.

I am a Commander for the ISC after all and it is one of my responsibilities to try to maximize the energy flow of the electronic universe in this sector of the galaxy.

Thank you for being so attentive to my discussion. I’m sure Tobi will contact me if you wish to know more about these things.

There’s a lot to learn about driving your new electrical bodies. Keeping it properly powered is a key one. How do you get powered? What ways can you attract those tachyons? A topic for another time somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Speaking of Brett he asked me to pass on this silly poem he wrote about our discussion today. I guess it’s a good little summary of the key points.

Don’t live in fear and drain away
Get your charge a better way
Give gratitude and feel the love
The charge will come, from below and from above


May the flow be through you,

ISC Commander John Carter

Thank you for reading, I know it was a long one and I appreciate the time you have given me from the bottom of my heart. I am sending a bag full of tachyons full of love your way, can you feel the flow? I can!

As always, I pose the question: Is it science fiction or science fact? You be the judge…..


Backyard Surfing

Waves of love

I’m grounded. Barefeet solidly placed in my grassy backyard. It’s a bright sunny day as the birds regale me from a nearby tree. I begin to feel the surge of electrons as Mother Earth gives me her gift.

The sun rays flow warmly down on my face and I close my eyes and turn towards them. Like a magnet I can feel my skin absorbing the tachyons, they warm me and not just my skin. Their electric bombardment causes a chain reaction as they ride waves of current deep within me.

The tachyon current flows through my body. Feet to face and back again the circuit streams. My body becomes lighter, I feel it. I’m doing my best to harmonize with the rhythm of the current. I fumble a little with my feelings, my emotions. I know that the key to my harmonization lay there.

A breakthrough is realized as I consider my intuitive understanding. I marry my brain. I remember that my brain is not really matter at the sub quanta level, it’s waves. So as the Sun and the Earth recharged my battery I surf the waves of my brain.

It was a difficult ride until I found the key. It was a logic that both hemispheres could agree upon.  It was so simple the secret could be formed in two words.

Give Love.

Harmonization became much easier after that. My battery became so full that tachyons began exploding out of me. So I’m standing there in my backyard my hands on my heart my face to the sun and these buggers are pouring out of me. My face is wet from the overflow.

That was the rhythm that I was searching for. My brain synced automatically and then I was tuned in. My skin became hypersensitive as it tingled from the rhythm and flow of the electron beam. I was entranced by the harmony and so I dreamed. This is my dream as I rode the current of love.

I dreamed for a healthy atmosphere full of life giving tachyons.

I dreamed for a revitalized Mother Earth as I felt my own connection warm my feet.

I dreamed for world peace and for a new reality for all who are suffering.

I dreamed for newly found friends and for their own hearts dreams. A surge of tachyons leave my face as I think this thought, travelling through our connectedness to you, I know you can feel it, ‘cause I feel it too.

I dreamed for my wife and no more achy knees and an abundance of love for my darling fairy.

I dreamed for my boys and for hearts passions found. May your search be a peaceful one, my heart is always yours.

I dreamed for my family and for the love we all carry. No distance, no silence can ever diminish.

I dreamed for Mum and her forgetful ways for lasting peace and happy days.

I dreamed for Vicki and of luscious dark soil. May it rain, may it rain and may that soil do you well as it basks in the sun even as you bask in the glow of all who adore you, none more so than I.

I dreamed for Brenda and her so busy life. She has such love in her heart, may she not forget herself in her hustle and bustle. There are those who wish to return that love to her.

I dreamed for Larry and for doing it through there. Slow your pace, it’s not a race, for yourself please take care. We want you to stick around, many more stories we must share.

I dreamed for Scott and a speedy recovery. To a long lived life full of fitness and vitality.

I dreamed for Christine and for renewal, a new world to explore. May the river of life carry you to your true hearts fulfillment.

I dreamed for all, please know it is true. In the moments within the harmony, within the flow, there were tachyons I sent that had your name on them, yes I do mean you.

I roused myself as the overflow subsided and I stood for a little while. I took a breath and then another and allowed the wash to subside.  As my senses began to return to normal I lowered my head and opened my eyes. I’m energized and inspired, so I decided to write this post.

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping me dream. You are all making Brett’s Future a reality.

With only one thing left to say, I’ll just borrow from a recent tweet of mine if that’s OK?

One wish I have for you today
I send it from above
This wish for you, please let me say
Is that your day is full of love




My Favourite Time of Day

Sunshine thru the window

The morning sun sends its soft tendrils of light slowly creeping through the wooden venetians. The dim illumination gently brightens the room rousing me from slumber. I carefully wipe the rheum from my eyes and open them.

“It’s morning.” I state to myself before calling my muscles into action to roll on to my side. In this position I can see her. She still sleeps. Her delicate features look serenely relaxed in her reposed state. A playful smile touches her lips as her deep inner beauty begins to glow as she slowly wakens.

I gently reposition her hair away from her eyes and softly kiss her forehead. Her skin is warm and deliciously smooth. I gaze upon her as she comes to life. Her exquisiteness blooms before my eyes with such radiance as to challenge the sun’s rays.

I close my eyes and slide closer to her. She stirs as I do and rolls to her side facing me. Her smile widens dreamily as our bodies intertwine in our morning loving embrace. Our morning ritual connection is an essential part of our routine. We would feel incomplete without it.

I open my eyes once more and look deeply into hers. No words are exchanged, for no words are needed for the communication of our love for each other. It is palpable, it is clear, it is fully understood by both.

I kiss her softly on the lips and whisper “good morning”. She responds blissfully and I kiss her again and hold her tight. This woman gets more beautiful with each passing day I think to myself in awe. I do not need wealth or material things to fulfill my life, I affirm. All I need to be complete in this life is to love and be loved by this wonderful angel in my embrace.

We both smile at each other again as our eyes slowly drift shut once more. The comfort we each receive in our joint embrace delicately lulls us back to sleep. We refuse to fight it and allow ourselves to float off in our connection, for it is Sunday morning after all.



Make today a special day, hug the people you love.

A Dance of Love

There is a murmur that I hear. ‘Tis just a whisper in my ear. This sound fills me with much elation. I see it during Murmuration.

Allow 2 minutes to see this thing. You will know the joy it can bring. I have some things to say it’s true. But please press play, it’s over to you.

Why do Starlings behave this way?

It was the obvious question on my lips once my mind returned to Earth after being blown away.

I’ve seen articles that explain these things in scientific terms. They talk about things such as ‘scale- free correlation‘ or ‘equations of critical transition‘. These explanations are fascinating, but they all seem to tell me what it is rather than why it is, if you follow my drift.

Perhaps there is no known why and we just have to put it down to animal behavior or herd mentality. Perhaps they are simply the equivalent of a cattle stampede or a crowd running from a burning building.

As you know, I’m all about living in the question. So I entertain all of the above as fractal possibilities of truth.

So I will leave you with one more fractal possibility of truth.

I have opined previously in my post “It’s about Life” that scientific evidence is mounting every day that the universe and everything in it is electric.

It has been said that these flock behaviors are caused by electromagnetic stimuli in the atmosphere.

So if I hold that question in my mind and allow that fractal of truth to exist for me, then at the heart of this stimuli lies the good old Tachyon, the essence of life force that gives charge to the Electric Universe that we belong to.

Further more, I will assume that duality consciousness at it’s core is the divide between ‘fear’ or ‘love’. I will further assume that the starlings or fish or even the Northern Lights are not behaving out of fear when they behave as they do. In this fractal of truth therefore, I am left with only one final conclusion to make:

A murmuration is a dance of Love.

In the future the collective consciousness of Humanity will fly and soar and be as inspirational as Murmurations. Then we will know how truly beautiful unison can be.

So dance I say and do it with love, for your heart will sing the song of the universe if you just allow your self to connect.

For your further enjoyment I leave you with some more dances of love.

On the following link you can read the poem I wrote in dedication to the Dance of Love.

It is called Ode to the Dance.

May your day be filled with Murmurations,



The film "Murmuration" is brought to you by the incredibly talented Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith. More from them at their site: Islands & Rivers.
The source of feature image of starlings in the shape of a heart is located at - check out more amazing photo's of these birds.


Freeing the modern day slave

Stressed-manBody can’t take it,
in a state,
stressed to the max,
gunna be late,
debts to pay,
I give her a wave,
gotta run honey
I’m a modern day slave

TrafficI sit in traffic
Inching along
Turn on the radio
play my favourite song
I try to relax, unwind a bit
Why do I feel
so much like shit?

The-PillBoss is angry, late again
Please give me a pill
To numb my pain
Can’t wait ‘till 5
Wishing my day away
Want to feel real
Want to feel alive

Driving-in-rainDriving home is a drudge
It’s starting to rain
Can things get any worse?
Slam my horn
Scream in vain
Why is this happening?
Am I going insane?

Man-with-signLook out my window
Take my mind off for a while
Who is that old man
Giving me a smile?
He’s holding a sign
For me to spy
Words jump out
To strike my eye

We-are-OneSo sorry you feel
The way you do
I’m hurting inside
‘cause I’m another you
Slow your mind
Live in the moment
Allow some release
Of your inner torment

SurrenderThe traffic has stopped
Lights are red
I can’t get that sign
Outta my head
I sit and breathe
I try to remember
How I got here
When did I surrender?

The-boy-inside-meI search my soul
For a shred of evidence
Was there ever a time
This made sense?
Back I go to long gone days
To my childhood kicks
And my silly ways

Feet-on-grassI used to dance and sing
And be so full of love
The grass at my feet
Sunshine above
I ask myself as I recall
Why did I change
Why did I fall?

Drowning-manThen it struck so hard
I nearly crashed my car
The child’s still inside
Waiting to star
But he’s buried so deep
In quicksand & tar

SuburbiaMy task for tonight
As I pull into my drive
Let the child out
So I can feel more alive
Run from the car
Smile in my heart
It’s a small change,
But oh what a start

Free-HugsI whoop & I holla
Wife thinks I’m mad
Children are smiling
They’re so so glad
Daddy is home
It’s time to play
I hold them tight
I have something to say

Hidden-manI realized today
My pain is not real
I’d just forgotten to love
Forgotten to feel
I was scared you see
Deep inside
So I chose to run
I chose to hide

Release-the-childNo more will I cower
From the man’s wicked way
I’m setting him free
As of today
You see my stress & pain
Are all an illusion
Release your child
That’s the solution

Kid-in-fountainSing in the shower
Spin on my heels
Hold someone tight
See how it feels
Discard the misery
I wore like a glove
Set myself free
‘Cause it’s all about love


Join with me, let’s dance………Ode to the Dance

Espresso – My top 3 lessons from my first week as a writer.



I sit here in restless repose forcing myself to relax. Mind aflutter, new venture afoot; uncertainty over my standing. In my heart the path is right. But that demon called fear casts a shadow before me.

I reflect upon the week of boldness I have just completed. There are lessons I’ve learned along the way, important reminders to guide my journey. Initial thoughts are important thoughts I tell myself as I struggle with my focus. Why is that I ask? Surely the lessons grow stronger with time, with greater experience? So I sit and contemplate why I feel this way.

Then I realize that these initial thoughts are like espresso, the initial injection in coffee each morning. That first rush after waking as you consider the long day stretched out ahead. You know that the cup you hold in your hand will not get you to the end. But that is not its purpose. It is merely a trigger, a start, a prompt to get you on your way. The espresso is the part that adds the most flavour, it’s the essence you might say. You might water it down or add milky foam, but underneath it all the espresso stays true.

I know it has only been a few days on this journey of mine but I realize that my initial thoughts are my espresso, my kick start to each new day as I beat back fear and hold on tight and let providence take me away.

So here for the record are my Top 3 espresso moments over the past few days:


1: LOVESmall-espresso_thumbnail

If you need to write, write with love in your heart, not fear. Love flows like the blood in your veins, infusing your body and feeding your soul. Fear constricts like an ill-fitting shirt. You fiddle and fidget and come up dry. So write I say and do it with love. Let your words flow like blood pumped directly from your heart.


2: PERSISTENCESmall-espresso_thumbnail

Persistence dear friend is an honorable quality. If you want to write you need it in spades. Minute after minute, moments at a time, write those words every single day. Write when you’re writing and even when you’re not. Keep the words flowing until there is nothing else. Fall into them, breath them and eat them whole. Let them sustain you and inspire you and nourish your soul. For they will as long as you persist.


3: GUIDANCESmall-espresso_thumbnail

Realize the truth as you sit alone in your chair. No one else is around, nobody is there. But the truth is illusory I have come to discover. For out there all around are plenty of others. They struggle and fear as much as you. So reach out to them, be one with them and they’ll help you through. Guides are aplenty in this technological age and the help you seek lies within a click on the page.

Now I can’t claim the above for myself. There are so many people that have inspired and helped. My experiences are my own and I know one thing for certain. Everyone I’ve met and everyone I’ve read contain all three of the above attributes. So in many respects I owe thanks to all of you out there in cyberland. To the full time and the part time, to those that think and those that encourage, to the support networks and to you sitting there reading this right now, I thank you. I thank you all. But there are three individuals who have impacted me greatly over the past few days as I tentatively tread this path I’ve laid. I’d like to acknowledge them here if I may.

For the lesson of writing with LOVE there is one that has touched me. It is there to read in every word she writes. So thank you Lesley Sky from the bottom of my heart. Your words and your encouragement are things that I will always cherish.

For the lesson of PERSISTENCE one person stands out. So thank you Ronovan for all that you do. Thank you for your courage and honesty, your caring and creativity and for your amazing persistence and perseverance. You are a champion bloke and your blog is an inspiration.

For the lesson of GUIDANCE there are many that have shone lights to help me find my way, including Lesley & Ronovan. However, in my unique experiences over the past few days one guide stood out and touched me deeply. So thank you Joe Bunting for all that you do and to the team at The Write Practice for the support you provide. If you have not yet experienced it I cannot recommend highly enough Joe’s guide entitled 14 prompts. It is beautifully written, it touched me deeply and has made my first week so much easier.

As I sip on my coffee and read my thoughts I smile to myself, I’m no longer out of sorts. So thank you dear espresso for kick starting my day, I’m off and running again, I’m on my way. Time to end this post I’m sorry to say. You see I’ve got a book to write, so get outta my way!  #amwriting

Thank you providence for guiding me to this point in my life, my gratitude is boundless.

Until next time my friends. More from the world of Science Fiction and science fact to come within the next few days. Stay tuned.

In deepest gratitude,