It’s in those quieter moments that it happens. Those moments when it’s just me and me. It’s in those moments that I sometimes reflect upon all the carnage of the battles I fought. The pain and the hurt as real although perhaps less obvious than any war.

It’s in those moments that I wince at the cruel weapons that I have used. The thinly veiled criticism, the snide remarks, the frustrated reply, the impatient stare, the condescending snicker. There are so many weapons that I’ve employed. Some days the fighting is worse than others. But on all days and for all weapons, the ammunition is the same. The weapons are merely different ways of firing the same projectile.

It is a small sharp thing, designed to hurt, its edges pointed. I throw it so often, sometimes at others, regularly at myself, at other times the universe at large. I feel the frustration and the aggravation of competition. So I duel with these weapons, ammunition, my hurtful projectiles. They boil down to a simple thing, those two cruel words:


It’s in those much quieter moments that I realize. Every shot fired, every weapon launched, every bloody scar so fiercely fought, were all aimed at the same thing. Like a sniper’s crosshairs those words, thoughts, gestures and intentions were always aimed at the one, that one word:


It is only in those silent moments, beyond quiet, when there are no longer two that I discover a new weapon to use. I realize that if there is no competition or battle to wage there is no target for my projectile to engage. I see that in the end all is the same.

It is in those silent moments that I understand that this new weapon is one I hold in my hands. I make a promise to myself to drop those old ways that caused me such pain. In the silence of infinity when only one remains, I feel the love all around and drop my defenses, they’ve become redundant I guess you might say.

So I repeat to myself, a reminder of sorts, a picture for me to place in my frame. I remember that there’s no competition, we are all just the same as I whisper softly to myself those two words:


My Break Up Letter to the World – a journey through word waves

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Words, what wonderful things they are. We write with them, we think with them, we communicate with them. In fact we’d be quite lost without them.

Humanity, as a global society capture the words we use in our writing. Over time some words grow in popularity whilst others fade. Without doubt the ebb and flow of the words we choose have meaning. They are our words, they are our voice.

The idea of being able to gaze into humanity’s changing thoughts as measured by the words we use has long intrigued me. It makes me think of Harry Seldon and Psychohistory as Asimov termed it.

So imagine my joy when I discovered Google’s NGram viewer. This amazing tool which reviews and graphs the words contained within some 5.2 million digitized books published since 1800 opens up a wondrous and thought provoking realm.

So I decided to dive in and have a look at the wonders of the flow of words over the past 200 plus years. I wanted to hear what the World has been saying to me.

Do you know what conclusion I reached?

I decided that it was time to break up with the World.

Yep, that’s right. It’s over. I’ve had it. I’m just fed up with how the World is treating me via the written word.

So I’ve written the World a letter explaining things. I’d really appreciate it if you could read it in order to understand why I have made this dramatic decision. It is in the form of a photo gallery for you to navigate through with ease.

Please, click on the gallery below and have a read so that you understand my reasons as well. To ensure you start at the beginning please make sure you click the top left image first (blue thumbnail). If you are reading this in the WordPress Reader please click “View Original” so that you can open up the gallery properly.

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I hope I didn’t sound too neurotic. Do you think I did?

Sorry World, don’t be too upset.

I still love you.

Text me sometime?


UPDATE: The World did send me a TXT! Click here to see it.

Until next time, somewhere in Brett’s Future.


In honor of your words,






The Story of You


My arms tingle as I exhale for the final time. Stillness surrounds me, no movement, no thought. Words on a page a blunt instrument with which to describe the state of nothingness within the dark void that my mind had drifted into.

Strange that I could comprehend these thoughts, but as my master had often said – all is possible with sufficient retrospection.

A vibration, so subtle, like a rumor, sounded within the ether. My signal to return. I allowed my consciousness to fall into the rhythm of the wave oscillating within the nothingness. The wave gently carries me through ever increasing streams back to the main river of consciousness. Simultaneously for the briefest of moments I was all and I was one.

A sound. I smiled, for once more my master had caught me hesitating in my return back from eternity and into reality. I opened my eyes and immediately saw the gleaming joyful eyes of Master Yonten, my guide.

“Welcome back young one. What have you learned on your journey this time?”

I stare for sometime as I collect my thoughts about the lesson I had learned whilst in eternity.

“Master, I have learned about stories.” My statement sounded very matter of fact I realized even though a shiver of emotion ran through my body as I spoke the words. I waited for a response to my words but silence was my reply.

“Master, I did not realize until now the importance of the story of You.” I shuffle slightly as I sit, knowing that my words are inadequate.

“Please explain” Master Yonten’s eyes bored into mine, searching for the truth behind my words.

“Master, I realize now that every human being that has ever lived has had to overcome obstacles. Also, it doesn’t matter what the obstacle was or how others might judge its significance. What matters is that in the mind and in the heart of the individual the obstacle was real and it posed a challenge.” I search my master’s eyes seeking reassurance for my understanding. But still I am unsure.

“Master, every human being that has ever lived!” I repeat almost questioningly.

“Or ever will live young one, do not forget that. Obstacles are a necessary ingredient in life for they allow us to grow.” Master Yonten’s eyes gleamed as he spoke as if the subject sparked something deep inside him.

“Yes Master, I see that now. I have been so focused on all the obstacles that I must face each day that I forgot everyone else was in the same position.” I bow my head as a sense of remorse washes over me. My master clears his throat and I raise my eyes once more to face him.

“Of course everyone is in the same position young one, for they are all just another you.”

I nod at my master’s wisdom and the truth behind his words.

“Master, I have just grasped something else. Something important I think.” Now it was my eyes that gleamed as a spark lit deep inside me as well.

“Of course you have young one. Please tell me what have you discovered?”

“I understand now that every person that is alive today and every person that has ever or will ever live has a magnificent story to tell. For surely overcoming obstacles is the key ingredient in all of the greatest stories ever told is it not?” I looked excitedly at my master.

“You are correct young one, all do have a magnificent story to tell.”

“But what if nobody wants to listen to the magnificent story? What if it remains untold.” My brow creased as I considered the sadness behind the implication of my words.

“That cannot happen young one.” My master said calmly.

“How can we avoid it? Who will tell the story? Who will listen?” I tried to match my master calmness but failed.

“There is only one answer to that young one. There only ever has been one answer to that and only ever will be one answer to that.”

“What is the answer Master? Who will tell the story, who will listen?” My voice pitched higher in my eagerness to know the answer.

“You will.” Master Yonten’s reply was blunt as if it was self evident. It left me confused.

“Me? But how, I am only one being among billions of beings?” My eyes widened as I considered the implications of the task.

“You misunderstand me young one. When I say you, I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to the ALL.”

“The ALL Master? What do you mean?”

“Young one, it is wise of you to ask the question of who will tell and who will listen. The answer is as it has always been.” My master paused then as his eyes became unfocused. I had the impression that he was speaking to me but also beyond me simultaneously.

“You, yes You, you have a magnificent story to tell full of courage, tenacity and boldness and the most important person you should tell that story to is none other than – Yourself.” Master Yonten remained still as his words flowed into me. They resonated deep inside and I could instantly see their truth. It was a truth that lifted my soul.

“Master, you are right, my life’s journey has been punctuated by obstacles consistently. Some obstacles were easy, others were life threatening, but all obstacles were life changing, I see that now.” My master remained silent as I spoke, but I knew he was listening to my words.

“Master, I feel something different, deep inside. As I’ve been remembering the obstacles I’ve faced and overcome I have heard it. As I understand the magnificence of my own story the sound I hear inside grows louder. It is wonderful, a sound so pure and full of love. Master I think I know what that sound is.” I paused and returned to silence as I tuned myself into the sound.

I understood intuitively what the sound was. It was the soundtrack to my own magnificent story of obstacles overcome. I looked back at my master and smiled, eager to tell him what I was hearing.

“Master, the sound that I hear. It is the sound of my soul singing and it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life.”

My master smiled as I spoke, a knowing expression on his face.

“Ah young one, I am overjoyed for you. You have learned one of the ways to hear your song. Whenever you feel the need to hear it again, especially at times when you face new obstacles, just listen to your own magnificent story. The story of You.”



In honor of the magnificent story of YOU,



The Lie of the Lily

White Lillies

Image: insieme by amira_a

The little girl held tighter to her fathers hand, her bottom lip trembling. Sunken eyes stared towards the front of the church and at the wooden box before her. Mournful tears caressed her cheeks, her throat constricted in torture. Her mother lay beyond her reach now, within the box, guarded by white lilies.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant death.


A boy tumbles over and over, giggling in the sun. Down the grassy hill he rolls as he watches out for his mother. He notices the sun glisten off her hair as she crouches down before him. Then she lies upon the ground to snap the pretty flowers. In her hand a camera deftly held. He watches as his mother smiles and snaps those pretty white lilies in the field.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant beauty.


A boy watched his uncle sign off his written letter. He folded it and placed it on his lap. The boy surprised to see the soldier crying. His father placed a supportive hand as he too watched his brother. He’s going to war, his father said, and he’s very, very scared. He’s afraid that he will never see his one true love again. The boy watched as tears fell to the white lilies on his lap.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant fear.


The girl skipped for joy as she left the church trailing behind her aunty. She spun around in pure glee as the rice came tumbling down. The air was filled with sunshine and birdsong, it was the happiest she could be. She looked up at her aunty, beaming in radiant beauty watching her as she kissed the man who held her hand. The girl twirled in joy. Her heart sang as she smelt the sweet perfume of the white lilies in her hand.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant love.


Death, beauty, fear, love – how can they all be true?

They are not you see, it’s those damn lilies – they’ve been lying to you.

I felt relieved when I realized this. Tricky little lilies, making me argue and fight. I always thought my lilies were right. Turns out the lilies are liars.

You see they were never the answer all along, they were always the question?

I honor the lilies that you hold,


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Freeing the modern day slave

Stressed-manBody can’t take it,
in a state,
stressed to the max,
gunna be late,
debts to pay,
I give her a wave,
gotta run honey
I’m a modern day slave

TrafficI sit in traffic
Inching along
Turn on the radio
play my favourite song
I try to relax, unwind a bit
Why do I feel
so much like shit?

The-PillBoss is angry, late again
Please give me a pill
To numb my pain
Can’t wait ‘till 5
Wishing my day away
Want to feel real
Want to feel alive

Driving-in-rainDriving home is a drudge
It’s starting to rain
Can things get any worse?
Slam my horn
Scream in vain
Why is this happening?
Am I going insane?

Man-with-signLook out my window
Take my mind off for a while
Who is that old man
Giving me a smile?
He’s holding a sign
For me to spy
Words jump out
To strike my eye

We-are-OneSo sorry you feel
The way you do
I’m hurting inside
‘cause I’m another you
Slow your mind
Live in the moment
Allow some release
Of your inner torment

SurrenderThe traffic has stopped
Lights are red
I can’t get that sign
Outta my head
I sit and breathe
I try to remember
How I got here
When did I surrender?

The-boy-inside-meI search my soul
For a shred of evidence
Was there ever a time
This made sense?
Back I go to long gone days
To my childhood kicks
And my silly ways

Feet-on-grassI used to dance and sing
And be so full of love
The grass at my feet
Sunshine above
I ask myself as I recall
Why did I change
Why did I fall?

Drowning-manThen it struck so hard
I nearly crashed my car
The child’s still inside
Waiting to star
But he’s buried so deep
In quicksand & tar

SuburbiaMy task for tonight
As I pull into my drive
Let the child out
So I can feel more alive
Run from the car
Smile in my heart
It’s a small change,
But oh what a start

Free-HugsI whoop & I holla
Wife thinks I’m mad
Children are smiling
They’re so so glad
Daddy is home
It’s time to play
I hold them tight
I have something to say

Hidden-manI realized today
My pain is not real
I’d just forgotten to love
Forgotten to feel
I was scared you see
Deep inside
So I chose to run
I chose to hide

Release-the-childNo more will I cower
From the man’s wicked way
I’m setting him free
As of today
You see my stress & pain
Are all an illusion
Release your child
That’s the solution

Kid-in-fountainSing in the shower
Spin on my heels
Hold someone tight
See how it feels
Discard the misery
I wore like a glove
Set myself free
‘Cause it’s all about love


Join with me, let’s dance………Ode to the Dance