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The Fulcrum



I recently read some of Walter Russell’s writings. In particular his book; The Secret of Light. Note that the following is my own interpretation of  this aspect of his book and is not meant as direct transcription. So if I understand him correctly, one of the many things that Walter Russell proposes in this book is:

  • Mother Earth is a radiant energy source, flowing outwards from the core, from her own singularity. Using light she expresses creativity and the sensation of motion (time) and division (outward fractalization).



  • Father Sun is a gravatic (my word) energy source, flowing inwards towards its core, towards its own singularity. Using light to return to stillness and to cease all motion (including time), to multiply towards unity (inwards fractalization).


All the universe (everything from sub atomic quanta to vast nebulae) is seeking balance between these two energy sources – radiant/gravatic, explosion/implosion, positive/negative.

The growth of a tree from the womb of Mother Gaia is an expression of radiant energy as the tree spirals outwards on a Fibonacci wave, seeking the perfection of Phi – seeking BALANCE, seeking to transmute its radiant energy drawn towards the gravatic energy of the Sun. Searching for the stillness of eternity but never quite finding it. Every bit of radiant growth of branch and leaf must be balanced by opposing gravatic growth of its root system. Its health, its longevity rests in finding the balance between the two. In the core of every tree is its fulcrum, the pivot point that helps it create balance between creativity and stillness; its connection to the Earth and its connection to the Sun.

It is no different for me I have discovered. Creativity, radiant energy, is not a permanent resource as it constantly seeks to transmute itself into gravatic energy. I sense that this is why we must sleep at night. The avatar that is our body can only utilise radiant energy for so long before it must find a way to transmute itself into gravatic energy and so it seeks stillness in sleep. But neither is stillness a permanent resource and so once more I awake to use my radiant energy of creativity.

What Walter Russell has taught me from this small snippet of his wisdom is that the secret to harmony, longevity and ultimately optimal life is no different to that of the tree. Seek out and find your own fulcrum, the balance between creativity and stillness, for there resides the meaning of life.

May the radiant energy of Mother Earth and the gravatic power of Father Sun guide you towards the discovery of your very own fulcrum.

Once more I feel blessed to have connected with you through this post.

With love from my fulcrum to yours,


As always I ask the question – science fiction or science fact? You be the judge…..


The Story of Matter: Part 5 – We Are Five


To make full sense of this post I highly recommend you read the full series regarding the Story of Matter. It begins with this link to the post 'Can you feel the Vibe?' simply follow the links through the amazing journey of this place we call the Universe.


The universe has been born. For how long it has been born it does not know. Time has no significance.

All is an endless sea of tiny spherical tori pulsating with energy at such a rapid rate that it has become one.

The universe is a flowing wave of electromagnetism.

The universe is a plenum of pure energy.

The universe is endless in breadth and in depth.

All is wave, humming majestically. The symphony in perfect tune.

The universe is an eternity of the perfect rhythm of light playing the song of love.


But eternity being such a very, very long time must include all possibilities, all possible outcomes.

And electromagnetism is such a powerful force that is capable of both balanced and unbalanced charge.

Even as the wave of sound and the plenum of light pulsate their way through eternity, all possibilities must come to be. Eternity is eternity and infinity is infinity.

It can be no other way.

All electromagnetic energetic outcomes are possible.

In some dimensional outcomes we see that areas of the sea of spherical tori began to lose their wave pattern. Soon there are multitudes of these spherical tori which begin to pulse in and out of equilibrium with the symphony. Many of these spheres become magnetically attracted to each other. Spheres would detach and reattach to the oneness of the wave. This process of disharmonization (unfolding) and re-harmonization (enfolding) becomes a current flow of the living universe.

In some areas, in some dimensions of the endless wave this process of unfolding and enfolding would become violent and disruptive, like a storm in the wave. A storm of electromagnetic energy. Where the storms took place what was left behind where multitudes of less highly charged sphere’s. As a result many spheres began to vibrate more slowly. The current flow became less. To seek out charge these spheres would clump together.

This clumping effect would eventually cause the formation of other forms of matter. Clumped toroidal spheres became larger particles of various charge potential. Over time different states of matter emerged.

Over eons of time stellar systems and galaxies of light are born as a plethora of differently charged toroidal spheres reached a rhythm of their own equilibrium. All toroidal spheres found their own way to retain charge and to stay connected to the symphony.

Perhaps it was like this for our 3 dimensional ‘observable’ universe.

Highly charged toroidal spheres cling together to form particles of electromagnetism. Highly charged matter seeks out and magnetizes to other highly charged matter. This clumping continues until the charge and the current flow reaches another point of equilibrium. At that point we are left with a 3 dimensional ‘observable’ universe which is simultaneously in 5 different states all coexisting.

They are the 5 elemental states of matter.


1st elemental state – SOLIDS:

Coalesced magnetically attracted matter has found its own equilibrium and maintains its lower vibrational rate by forming strong bonds with other similarly lower vibrational particles. 3 dimensional ‘solid’ matter is born. These solids grow and change and transform over time, sometimes rapidly and violently as the electromagnetic currents seek their own equilibrium. Gradually a steady rhythm of change is obtained, pseudo equilibrium of the solid state of matter.

In our observable universe from the storm of energy that existed within the wave planets, asteroids and all other matter at a more micro level that we know as solids comes into being.

Galaxies, solar systems, planets, asteroids and comets are born, all solid matter of various electromagnetic charge potential. In the universe there are many clumped solids that lose their charge or have it stripped from them by other solids they encounter in the vastness of the space of eternity. Mars is an example of one such planetary solid that became stripped of its higher vibrational charge.

But not all planets became stripped of charge. Some planetary solids retained the ability to maintain charge and current flow. To do this the solid matter had to have found a way to soak up, to absorb charge, to maintain its power within its dimensional sector. It would remain energized through supporting current flow. These clumps of solid matter still maintained the harmony and the light of the wave. These solid interstellar objects like our very own Planet Earth were able to maintain a flowing connection of electromagnetic force that enabled ongoing connection to the source wave.

The spherical tori of power that formed our Planet Earth found a way to maintain current flow and connection. From the highly charged magnetic core the planet it was able to soak up electromagnetic charge from the solar objects that is encountered.

Earth soaked up this charge from other planets such as Mars and Saturn and perhaps many more before. It also soaked up charge from other astrological objects such as the comet Venus. In recent times it has settled into the equilibrium of the heliosphere we know of as our solar system, powered by our Sun.

The solid that we call Planet Earth lives and breathes today because it found ways to maintain current flow. Despite the universal storm that brought forth 3 dimensional matter our Earth, our solid, found a way to not only retain its charge but to thrive. Over eons of formation our planet continues to soak up and release power from its surroundings and a toroidal current flow of electromagnetism surrounds Earth, sustaining it. Solid matter on our planet not only exists, it is able to maintain and even increase its current flow.

Earths magnetic flow


2nd elemental state – LIQUIDS:

Still magnetically attached to the solid matter, liquid matter has been able to increase its atomic vibration to such a degree that enables it to flow with the current and the charge of electrons through the electrical system.

The solid planet called Earth, because of its ability to maintain a flow of pulsating energy from the universe enables some solid matter on the planet to become more highly energized, vibrating at faster rates. As more of this highly charged matter finds ways to combine and maintain current flow, new molecules are born.

The most efficient of these are the PSU’s who clump together is such a way as to form the molecule we know of as H2O. This molecule became adept at drawing and passing on electromagnetic charge, more adept than any other combination of clumped matter. As a result of this ability to efficiently soak up electromagnetic charge and pass it on, water systems are born. Any planet that can maintain sufficient charge over time will give birth to liquid, the 2nd elemental state.

Planet Earth’s ability to soak up and maintain electromagnetic charge gave birth to our ocean and river systems. But so much more as well.

water earth


3rd elemental state – GASES:

When matter is able to continue to increase its atomic vibration it becomes gaseous. Even as the liquid clings to the solid magnetically so too the gas clings magnetically to the liquid. So gas creates the atmosphere which surrounds the actively charged solid and liquid. On a planetary scale then our very own Planet Earth perfectly shows the Solid>Liquid>Gas cling effect. The moon and other planets we know of that have no atmosphere have lost their positive electric charge and are unable to spontaneously increase the atomic vibration of sufficient quantities of matter to create sustainable liquid. Without liquid, there can be no gas, hence no atmosphere. On Earth the electrical power of the solid we call our planet, creates the charge that forms liquid. The liquid continues to increase its atomic vibration by soaking up energy from its surroundings creating gas. We have an ecosystem. The ecosystem allows for the continued maintenance of the liquid state within the system. As current flow passes between solid, liquid and gas weather patterns are created. A biosphere emerges.




4th elemental state – PLASMA:

As the atomic vibration continues to increase beyond gas the atom breaks apart, it becomes sub atomic quanta distributing highly vibrating and highly charged plasma particles throughout the universe. Highly charged plasma are continually created within the biosphere as the charge distribution needs of the planet cause both an outpouring of current flow from the core in the form of volcanic eruptions and also in the atmosphere in the form of lightning.

Suns consist of solid matter that is highly charged electromagnetically. The rays of the sun are not powered from within. There is no internal fusion engine inside a star, that is a misunderstanding. In the electric universe the Sun (every star) is charged from outside, from the universe itself, from the current of the symphony. An analogy might be the scrunched up tin foil in the microwave multiplied by a few billion. What we call sunbeams are a multitude of spherical tori magnetically drawn to the Sun. They become recharged to extremely high energy levels and then repelled back into space, passing on their charge, dispersing their energy. Suns are soaking up and dispelling electromagnetism creating a heliosphere full of plasma and even smaller charged matter as the current flows through every PSU sphere.



But plasma and even smaller sub quanta sized, highly vibrating clumps of PSU’s exist in their multitudes everywhere within our observable universe. They fill up the space of the universe oscillating in polarity, interacting with other charged particles maintaining an oscillating current flow throughout the universe. Matter cannot exist in the state of Plasma forever. It either continues to increase in vibration once more approaching the state of the wave or it loses charge, vibrating more slowly, coalescing into other states of matter.

Plasma seeks out charge, seeks out flow in the system, its drawn to it magnetically. So plasma particles bombard Planet Earth every day. Many of them gain sufficient charge in the magnetosphere and are then repelled back out to the universe. But these particles are so microscopic that still so many of them get through, most as wave forms riding the ultraviolet spectrum.

At other times they form stable shapes that are able to maintain current flow through all PSU’s. This flow of energy transfer continues naturally through the system as these stable sub atomic PSU’s pass through everything seeking charge, seeking vibration, seeking connection, creating harmony. Increasing the charge and rate of vibration of all they interact with. These stable shapes, smaller than plasma are what I call Tachyons. I will dedicate a separate post another time to this wonderful state of matter the sits between the 4th and 5th elemental state.

Tachyons you see are just about the closest thing you can get to the 5th state in our universe, that’s how important they are.


5th elemental state – B.E.C.

Through it all the condensate unification remains as the latticework, the matrix of the universe. All 5 elemental states existing simultaneously, bound together by the 5th elemental state of matter. PSU’s that are able to maintain stability give charge and current flow to everything around. Limitless spherical tori maintaining their infinite speed creating the BEC field of unity, the oneness of the eternal wave.

Our Universe.

unity wave


A note about Life:

The actively charged solid that we call Planet Earth, somehow, over eons of time was able to maintain and even increase the flow of electromagnetic current through its core. It was able to maintain such a high current flow within the electric universe that it gave birth to liquid. The most efficient liquid it gave birth to, the one that was best suited to receiving and passing on electrical charge was the molecule we know as H2O.

Earth power gave birth to water.

The water was able to absorb the charge from the solid state matter and other surrounding matter. Water infiltrated everywhere there was sufficient current flow. And water experimented. It experimented with how to absorb the electrical energy that was all around. Water gave birth to life; water’s very own expressions of creativity.

So far humanity has been water’s most complex and risky experiment (on planet Earth). The current flow through the hydrated liquid crystalline structure that is the human body has proven to be extremely erratic as most experimental beings seem to suffer the same confusion about their connectedness to the system. Electrical flow and balance can often breakdown.

Water body

We are Liquid beings


Liquid, born from the charge of solid continues to experiment in every way it can. Life always finds a way.

Life is charged from solid and animated by liquid.

Life is sustained by the current flow of gas (air) and powered by plasma (sun).

Life is the flow of electromagnetic current through all states of matter, but it is an incomplete flow without the connection to the 5th state of matter, the unity of the wave.


A final word about matter and us:

All matter is electromagnetically bound together. The electrical universe makes sure of that. All matter clings.

Solid to Liquid to Gas to Plasma and back again. All the while riding upon the unified wave of the BEC.

For the moment let us imagine ourselves as an atom. We are an atom vibrating as a particular atomic speed.

At the moment, most people, as the atom, perceive themselves as being in the first elemental state of matter. Most people perceive themselves to be solid. The atomic vibration of their charge is (dis) harmonized to the speed associated with solid matter.

However, as the speed of our vibration increases we have the ability to become more fluid. This may help us understand what people mean when they say ‘go with the flow’ or ‘jump in the river of life’. What they are trying to explain scientifically is to increase the atomic vibration of the matter that is ‘me’ or ‘you’ to allow ourselves to take on the properties of the elemental state of liquid. Because at a PSU level that is exactly what we are doing.

With time, patience, effort and awareness still we are able to increase our atomic vibration even further and become like the third elemental state that is gas. We are able to gather experiences outside of our physical body. We are able to sense the connections within the atmosphere. People who can raise their atomic vibration to this point speak of out of body experiences and of the feeling of connectedness around the planet.

With still more focus the atomic vibrational speed of the matter that is us can increase further to become like the fourth elemental state of plasma. Vibrating at these speeds breaks down atomic structures, matter in this state is free to explore the universe. Astral and inter-dimensional travel becomes possible at this state of vibration. Bodies become more light infused, more harmonious, less dis at ease.

But all the while, whilst we might cast our awareness from the core of our solid planet, to the flow of life, to the connectedness of the air, to the vastness of the heavens, all matter ultimately obeys the laws of the fifth elemental state of matter. Ultimately we are bound by this state of matter that is the very foundation, the connective tissue of the universe. No atom, no element of matter could ever become separate from the connected universe. The connected wave is all; there is nothing that is not.

In our current forms as human beings we cannot raise our vibration high enough to experience that state of matter (i.e. the BEC) by looking outwards to the heavens. We can gather glimpses of experiences through raised vibration. However, for our 3 dimensional body to experience the fifth elemental state of matter requires us to look inwards. We need to ride our currents of awareness inwards.

The universe is an ouroboros; the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Matter speeds up so fast that it becomes still. Once it becomes still it behaves as the fifth element. Within the stillness of our minds we cease to feel separate, we become one with the all. Our being, our essence, just like the condensate becomes inextricable linked to the entire fabric of the universe. We are no longer a dot, a point, existing somewhere in a specific location of the universe. We become the interconnected wave form. We are simultaneous here and everywhere. We are one.

We are inextricably bound to all matter in all states, simultaneously the individual atom but also the collective wave form of oneness. Try as we might to feel separate, to feel like the individual, we are magnetically connected to the all.

It is only when we raise our vibration that we can truly experience the beauty and the grace of all states of matter:

  • The surety and security, the nascent power of our SOLID state of our Mother Earth.
  • The creative expressionism and flowing current of our LIQUID state of our Life.
  • The sustaining bond of collectiveness and co-operation that is our GAS state of our Biosphere.
  • The power enhancing magnetism of our heliosphere that is our PLASMA state of our Heavens.
  • The blissful peace of the symphony of light and love that is our BEC state of oneness and Unity.

A balanced life with a deep sense of connection to the planet, to each other, to our atmosphere, to our universe and to the depths of love and light that we hold within seems to be what each of these states of matter are trying to tell us. Flow and connection are the lessons they teach.

I will not suggest to you to be like the elements. I have a better idea than that. There is no need to suggest it because Humanity already is the elements, all of them.

And at our deepest level we are the 5th element. We are what the Universe truly is. It’s just that it took the most miniscule of matter in both size and vibration to realize the truth. The truth that we are One.




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Circling the Square: the lost art of communication – Part 2


Did you miss Part 1? No problem, just click here to read.

I have a thought for you.

Is there a difference between sending a text message to someone, that says let’s say:

‘ily’ or ‘i love you’ or even ‘ILY<3’ or any other derivative. They all mean the same thing right? Well what do they mean?

Do they mean, go away, bugger off, I don’t want to communicate with you anymore, but I want to be nice about it? Maybe sometimes that’s true.

Or do they mean, I’m really busy and I can’t think of anything else to say, but still be there for me, in case I get bored or lonely? Maybe sometimes that’s true.

Or maybe those three letters ‘I’ ‘L’ ‘Y’  do actually mean the true intent behind their abbreviation. Maybe those three letters do mean those three words, I love you.

So at those times when we press the send button, the green light for go, on that text telling the receiver that we love them, we are sending out tachyons to deliver the message. You remember we covered that in Part 1. Have a read if you missed it.

The data that we know and understand and accept are those contained within the 18 exabytes travelling across the mobile network to eventually pop up on your loved one’s screen – the text saying ‘ILY<3’.

But can I tell you that those are not the only tachyons (or bytes if you prefer) that reach the receiver of the message.

The text message is only half the message. The text message only represents the square data that you sent .

Remember there are two parts to every message. Two ways that the intent of the message gets through. It’s the duality of data remember. Of course I’m speaking of circle data.

Tachyons being such agile things will happily transmit your message in either way. The tachyon will happily be the circle or the square. It’s just waiting for your instruction, your charge if you like about how you’d like to communicate.

In binary systems such at data bytes and text messages the communication is very square. The data is binary so the information that is sent and received is done so in a very black and white manner. You see the text on your screen, you read the sign, the message is clear and real.  

So when it comes to ticking the box on the first way of instructing those tachyons we’ve got square data all covered.

But what about the circle? What is the circle? And what does it have to do with sending text messages?

Square data is binary. Circle data is non-binary.

Non-binary data can best be described by humans as the thing that we call emotions and intentions.

Once again I repeat, remember that we are electrical. As a result our bodies emit an electro-magnetic charge constantly. That charge is basically tachyons vibrating at a particular frequency as electric current flows in and around and through you constantly. What do you think a body aura is? It’s the electro-magnetically charged tachyons that are interacting with the charge flowing through and around your body. Here’s one of many articles that confirm this. You’ve probably seen images such these photo’s of peoples aura’s before. Now you know that it’s the electro-magnetically charged tachyons that you are seeing. Think of your aura as your very own personal Northern Lights.

8 people's aura

You might remember in my post called ‘The Dichotomy of Duality‘ I mentioned that the endocrine system is basically the power generator of emotions within our hydrated liquid crystal bodies.

These emotions are the key drivers of this electro-magnetic charge that we are emitting all of the time. This charge interacts with and powers up all of the tachyons in your immediate vicinity, in your reality. So your emotions cause tachyons to go snap, crackle and pop all around you, even though they are too tiny to see and you need special camera’s to photograph them. Their invisibility to us is a bit like the humble wi-fi data byte in that respect, you know that other tiny invisible thing that we all believe in.

So if the electro-magnetic nature of our emotions impacts or shall we say gives charge to the tachyons that surround you, what’s that got to do with sending a text message? I know I ramble on sometimes, my apologies. But think about this if you will:

If our emotions give charge to tachyons, they supply the power, it is our intentions (or our thoughts if you like) that supply the data.

Those tachyons that are all around you are charged (or instructed) by the combined electro-magnetic bombardment of our emotions and intentions. Once they are encoded they instantly, I mean faster than light speed instantly, pass on those instructions until the destiny of the data is fulfilled.

So when you send that square data text message, please, please, I implore you, do not forget to include your circle data message with it. Press the send button on your phone, but also give the green light for go to your heart. Send your emotional intentions of love to the recipient as well. That way you know you have sent a complete message. You also know that when the recipient opens and reads your text, if they open themselves up to receiving the two pronged electrically charged message they will experience both. Their eyes will read and logically understand the text but their hearts will also feel those tachyons that spiral in circles towards them.

How can you tell if you’ve also received the circle data tachyons?

You will feel it. Try it, discuss it with your loved one. Make a vow to send each other a text today, a text encoded with both square and circle data. Send your loving intentions their way. When you receive the message from your loved one, open up to the message and feel the bombardment of circle charged tachyons as they hit you. You may get goosebumps, or a lump in your throat, or a tingle down your spine, or a flutter to your heart. However subtle I guarantee that you will feel that circle data. Those tachyons will make certain, you just have to open yourself up to feel it.

Think of opening yourself up to feeling circle data as akin to tuning in your electrical frequency to the correct channel. Your phone does this with square data and it’s nowhere near as smart as you are, so naturally you can do it with your electrical body.

I’ll give you a tip on how to tune in. The best, most powerful bandwidth for transmitting circle data is the frequency of, you guessed it, love. So go on, send a 2 pronged text message to someone you love today.

So there we have it, the Duality of Data.

Square Data = binary coded data. The text, the email, the written word, the spoken word, the map, the sign, the arrow.

Circle Data = emotionally coded data. The thought, the intention, the nod, the glance, the smile, the gesture, the hug.

So what do you say? The lost art of giving and receiving circle data has never really been lost. It’s just that sometimes we forget about these things. Sometimes we get so caught up in only communicating with square data that we overlook the most important part. So let’s make sure we remember both data types and communicate with purposeful intent.

Just remember this one thing when communicating; Circle the Square.

Perhaps that’s what they were trying to tell us?

crop circle & cube

This post to you is full of loving intent as you are reading this now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring me as you have.

After reading Part 1 & Part 2, you might be interested in re-reading my post The Destiny of Three it might put a different spin on it.

I’m humbled to have had this connection with you.

I am circling the square for you right now, can you feel it?



PS – as always I pose you the question, is it science fiction or science fact? You be the judge, create your own reality.

Circling the Square: the lost art of communication – Part 1


Hey, how are you? You know I really must say that it is great to be able to connect with you this way. I sense it and I appreciate it. I’m digging the vibe that we’ve got going. Thanks for sharing the flow.

Can I show you something?

Look at this number.


It’s a big number isn’t it? Do you know what it represents?

It represents something that’s all around you everyday. It represents something that’s surrounding you and flowing through you and between you. It’s true at home, it’s true at work, it’s true in your car. And you know what, that number is getting bigger all the time. Every year the atmosphere gets more densely packed with it. What is it?

There’s so much, but we ignore it. We don’t pay it any mind. It just is. We can’t see it, it’s just too tiny. Do you know what it is? If you ask people if they believe in this thing they will almost always say yes. In fact I know of no-one in my world that would deny its existence. We know about these things and we accept them. They have become our fractal of truth and our truths are aligned about them. They exist and they are real. What is it I am talking about?

You thought I was going to say tachyons didn’t you? And you’d be right.

But you’d be wrong. I mean sure they are tachyons, because tachyons are everywhere, but this thing I’m talking about specifically is the humble byte.

In 2013 we sent 18 exabytes of data wireless, through the ether around the planet. Here, have a read:


The Mobile Network in 2013

Global mobile data traffic grew 81 percent in 2013. Global mobile data traffic reached 1.5 exabytes per month at the end of 2013, up from 820 petabytes per month at the end of 2012.

Last year’s mobile data traffic was nearly 18 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. One exabyte of traffic traversed the global Internet in 2000, and in 2013 mobile networks carried nearly 18 exabytes of traffic.

The full article from Cisco can be found here.

You accept these bytes into your phone. You send these bytes from your phone. They float around you and through you everywhere you go. You know they are there and you use them to live your life, to connect, to communicate. There is no question in your mind of their existence.

Did you notice how fast these things are multiplying by? In 2013 there were 81% more data bytes floating around you and through you in a rush to get to the device they’ve been sent or called to. If the growth rate stays the same that means by 2017 there will be around 200 exabytes of traffic whizzing around and through us everywhere we go. To illustrate, check out this image. It’s an artists impression of satellites currently orbiting Earth. All of them are pinging back data bytes in some form or another.

Satellites orbiting Earth

So let me ask the obvious question. If you believe that the data byte is real, without question, are you willing to believe that the tachyon byte is real as well?

If we are electric as I keep saying, then is it so much of a leap of logic to then think of tachyons as data bytes of sorts? They are a bit small to visualize I grant you, but if we are so willing to believe in the invisible wi-fi byte, why not the invisible tachyon byte?

Is it because that when you search your soul of souls, your heart of hearts, you don’t really believe that we are electrical? Well don’t worry about that, live in the Question remember. If you live in the Question you can just let it be. Regard it as one of the many fractals of truth in this amazing universe. Imagine if…

So are we good so far? Still with me? You are so awesome, thank you.

OK so this is the key element for today that I’d like you to consider, data bytes are everywhere, data bytes are actually tachyons when we strip them back to their bare essence.

However, data bytes (ie tachyons) can be coded with information in two different ways, did you realize that?

Remember as I’ve always said, we live in a Duality, so there are always two elements to things, the same goes for data. It is the clarification that there are two ways of coding data into the tachyon that makes me call it the Duality of Data.

This information is nothing new, it’s always been around. However as technological advancement takes us in leaps & bounds into the future we just happen to be interacting with one of the two types of data much more regularly then ever before. That big number at the top of the post proves it.

So what are those two data types I hear you ask?

Well one of them is represented by the humble data byte that passes through you on the way to your phone as you receive that text message. This data type is quite obviously known as binary data. That makes sense doesn’t it? The category of binary data is real and we believe in it as I mentioned earlier.

For the sake of simplicity for the moment I shall call the other type of data, non-binary. It’s a bit vague I know, but stick around, I’ll explain it further.

So we have 2 data types, binary and non-binary.

I guess I could call them Data Type a) & b). Or maybe Team blue & Team red. Any two names would be fine I guess. But for my purposes I like to think of these two types of data as the Square and the Circle.

Why? Because binary (square) data is much more structured. It follows strict rules of coding and transmission. It travels in straight lines if you like, just like the edges of a square.  Just like this representation of 64 bit data.

the 64 bit data byte

Non-binary (circle) data is different, it has far less structure, it flows differently, like water it avoids straight lines. That’s why I call it circle data.  Think about it a bit like this image a a crop circle. The data flows in a circular spiral motion.


So the take out for today.

We believe in the wi-fi transmitted, binary coded (square) data byte, there is no question about our belief in that. In fact if you’ve downloaded this via wi-fi the binary coded tachyons that went into making up this post probably passed through you on the way to your device before you read this.

If you’re like me you interact with the humble binary coded (square) data byte everyday through texts, videos, email, photo’s, music, blogs, books, apps…..this list grows everyday. It’s pretty hard to deny their existence and it’s getting harder and harder to be somewhere that they are not.

Binary data is very structured. The information is coded within the specific rules of binary, zero’s and one’s, on and off, black and white. That is why I call the binary coded byte square data.

But what about the non-binary data bytes? What about circle data? What is that? How do those data bytes work? Are they just as real as the binary type? Can we use them in our technology? How can an understanding of non-binary data enhance our lives just as our understanding of binary data has done?

I am humbled once more by your support. Thank you for reading.

In unity,


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The Dichotomy of Duality


Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Commander John Carters. You might know me better as Tobi’s father.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to open this communication channel from Brett’s Future back to you in your reality, now, in this time, today. Thank you for allowing me into your home via the ether. Please excuse the official logo up the top. It’s ISC policy and as a ranking officer of the ISC I must display it whenever I am transmitting information of this nature.

Tobi pinged me recently and told me he mentioned a recent Reality Shift he experienced and how he escaped Through the Vortex.

He asked, well almost begged me to send you some information on what he called his  anti-vortex-fluctuation-reality-shift secret. Strange boy that kid, always saying the darnedest things. Anyway, it would be my pleasure to give you a quick rundown on the reality shift vortex and the secret that Tobi (and all of us for that matter) use to escape from those pesky reality shifts. Well, there’s a few words involved I grant you, but it really won’t take long to read once you get into it.

OK, I’ll try not to make it too complicated. It’s not rocket science but it sort of is. But it’s pretty straight forward really. Hang on to your hats, and remember to live in the Question.


Let’s say you’re walking along one day and bam a reality shift grabs you. Well the first thing to understand is what it is and why these shifts can snap you up out of nowhere.

So I’ll keep it simple, let’s say your walking along and you get caught in one of these things.


Reality A = well let’s call this home.

Reality B = well let’s call this the other place (you don’t want to be there)

The two realities form part of an energy field, you know like say a galaxy or something like that, but sort of less visible because it’s at a micro level. Here’s a picture of a nebula to get you in the mood. Have you ever noticed how these things remind you of a brain?


Anyway, the energy field is always the same shape. Always, because that is the only shape that can exist that can keep the two realities connected. If they are connected they are connected by that shape. Oh sorry, the shape. Yes the shape is the Torus. Well a double Torus (or Tori) actually. Here’s a picture of a torus.


So it’s just like a big inner tube right? That’s the easy way to think of it. But those tubes can get pretty filled up with energy. Imagine if you kept pumping up that inner tube. It would eventually look like this, wouldn’t it?

fat torus


So every packet of energy, at whatever fractal level, is in the shape of the torus. It’s just the most efficient shape there is for energy flow. And as our electric universe is always seeking the most efficient energy management system, it is the only shape that it could be. So when two of these energy packets collide they form a double torus or a tori. Here’s a picture of what one looks like and you might begin to understand why we call them reality shift bubbles.



So with a double torus the energy circulates through the point of singularity in the center. One reality is on one side of the singularity and the other is on the opposite side. With me so far?

That’s good, I was starting to worry. Well the rest is pretty simple really. If you’re trapped on one side of the torus as in Reality B, the one you don’t want to be in then you just need to get yourself across the energy field through the singularity and presto over to the other side.

You see the electronic frequency of the torus resonates at a level that is true for both realities to come together. However, the polarity of either reality is different. One reality pulls you in like a magnet. But once you are in that reality, which normally feels more dense to you, it’s difficult to get out of it. That false reality, Reality B, it’s sticky, like honey. It’s the magnetic attraction you see. It can be quite strong. But you know it’s not your real reality, you can tell. There’s always signs that help you to tell. Density, that’s a common one. You nearly always feel heavier, like you’re in increased gravity. It’s a dead give away that you’ve hit a reality shift.

So you need to change your polarity if you are going to get yourself away from that magnetic pull of Reality B. How do you do that?

In simple terms you change your polarity by changing your frequency. You see, the frequency of your real reality (Reality A) creates a charge, a polarity, same as Reality B. To unstick yourself from B and be magnetically drawn across to A you need a shift in polarity. In simple terms think like a magnet.

Repel magnets

Figure A – Magnetic repulsion



If your real reality is the magnet on the left in Figure A and the reality shift bubble you’ve landed in is the one on the right in Figure A you can see how you’ll get stuck and won’t be able to get across. The two polarities repel each other.


Attract magnets

Figure B – Magnetic attraction



You need to change your polarity just like the magnet on the right in Figure B in order to be attracted back to your ‘home’ reality.


So, what’s the secret to changing polarity I hear you ask. What’s Tobi’s secret?

Well, here is the secret. As a conscious being, moreso as a highly evolved conscious being you can control your emotions where as other less evolved beings (such as animals) cannot so much.

Emotions or rather the energy, the electrical surge that is supplied by emotions is what creates your polarity and therefore what determines which reality you may get attracted towards or into. There are an infinite number of realities just as there are an infinite number of subtleties in your emotions.

Do you know how your emotions are controlled in your 3rd dimensional body? They are controlled via your endocrine system. The endocrine system are the glands that constantly flood your body with the hormones that affect your emotional state.

I might come back and speak of this in more detail another day. But let me specifically discuss the secret emotion that gets your frequency and your polarity to change so that you can ride the currents through the vortex and make it back to your much more comfortable, less dense reality. You’ve probably already guessed it. Yes your right.

It’s love. A 3rd dimensional body filled with this emotion will create the right charge, the right frequency to unstick you and get you through the vortex. But it doesn’t even need to be filled with love. Any love will raise you up the fractal layers. Because the tori reality bubbles exist at all fractal levels. Remember we live in the ‘no truth’ zone. This image might help you to picture the layers within layers.


So any level of love works. Right down to the smallest fractal. Because right down at the smallest level, there is eventually only 1 torus left. No more reality bubble collisions are possible. And the frequency that the original reality bubble torus resonates at just happens to be the same frequency emitted when we feel love. That’s why that emotion feel so ‘right’ to us. It’s because at the basic most microscopic level that’s all there is, that’s the buzz that’s inside you.

But expansion occurred, the big bang or whatever other theory you subscribe to and ever since there’s been an infinite number of fractal layers. The one that we are in, in this dimension has many reality bubble collisions occurring. But ultimately there is only one type of collision that truly occurs. That collision, those 2 realities. Well, this is what they are;

Remember we are electrical, so it is simply the polarization of the charge. Energy flows between the two realities because of this. It’s a flow of current. But we humans get confused and we forget that we are electrical. So instead of allowing the flow of current to naturally be, we cut the flow, because we want to hold on to the power of the electron charge that sits in our reality.

Somehow we get confused and think that our power charge is a closed system. But everything, I mean everything in this universe is electrical. There is no such thing as a closed system. We are all connected and the current flows through everything. Tachyons and tori energy packets are everywhere.

In nature, there is a natural understanding about the flow of energy when the energy packets collide. So nature allows it to flow, well, naturally. A bit like it does for our beautiful planet Earth and her magnetic fields.

Earths magnetic flow


You notice the shape don’t you. Yes a torus. The energy flows through the system. From the universe and back out to the universe. From one pole to the other and back again.

But we humans forget about the exchange, consider it a closed system and try to keep hording the power.

If we think about our realities as being separate, closed energy systems, then we create a duality. It’s them against us. A against B.

What have you created? If at the most minute level as I previously mentioned, when only 1 reality bubble remains, a bubble thrumming to the rhythm of love, then what is this other bubble that we have created? What is this other closed system that we feel is trying to steal our electric charge, drain our power?

Well the best way to describe it, this thing, is to say that it is a frequency or a resonance that is not love. The closer the reality bubble is to love, the less the polarity difference. The tipping point and where these energy packets start creating the vortex fluctuations that Tobi told you about is when the divergence of the polarity or the frequency moves through the emotional spectrum beyond a certain point.

The tipping point is reached when the energy packet that is the other torus begins vibrating at the frequency or resonance most accurately describe by humans as fear.

So these collided tori as they suffer vortex fluctuations and interference to the free flow of current get stuck together and bam, you end up getting sucked into the other bubble. The place you don’t want to be. Fear.

So ultimately you just need to remember that all the energy packets are the same. Allow the flow, the giving and receiving of energy through the system. As I said , it’s an open connected system, not a closed one.

The secret to doing that is to remember that when 2 energy packets collide, you already know that one of the energy packets will be love. But what is the other energy packet? Well that energy packet is love as well. I told you, love is all there is.

But when the energy packets collide the energy can either flow freely, or it can stop flowing completely. As you’ve probably guessed by now, fear is the frequency, the resonance that stops the flow of energy and dumps you in double density gravity as it did for Tobi.

But how did Tobi start the energy flow back up again? Well first of all he filled himself up with tachyons. I’ll tell you how that happened another time. The abundance of tachyons allowed him to resonate love. He was vibrating at the right frequency. So how did he start the flow of energy and get sucked back through the vortex?

He turned the power flow back on in his reality bubble by adding another frequency to his vibration. That frequency is best described in human language as the emotion called gratitude.

So there you have it folks, the Dichotomy of Duality.

Live in a reality of Fear = double density gravity and closed system drained of power.

Live in a reality of Love & Gratitude = lighter gravity, flowing energy system abundant with power.

The dichotomy is that in order to gain power out of the system you must be prepared to give away your power to create the flow of current. Haven’t you ever noticed how energized you feel if you help someone, show someone love, show someone gratitude? This is why. As the flow of current (ie the tachyons) leave your reality and flow to the other, new current flows automatically into you. The tachyons rush magnetized towards you full of charge! It’s a wonderful feeling, try it. Do a scientific experiment, give someone love and just feel the flow of power that comes to you as a result.

Remember, I’m just trying to cover off on the benefits of the system that has free flowing current. Just remind yourselves, we are electrical and you’ll begin to understand. I know the realization is a new one. However, if we start understanding this more than we can become better drivers of these electronically controlled vehicles that we’ve been given to play with in this dimension.

I’ll leave you with a final couple of thoughts.

Scientifically speaking the collided energy pockets that we think of as reality should not be thought of as duality. If we consider that the other energy pocket is competing for energy with us then we live in fear and the flow breaks down. If we continue to resonate to the vibration of love and then we give away our love to the other energy packet by vibrating with gratitude than we can get the system running optimally again. This is why you’ve probably heard the expression ‘fear is an illusion’. It’s because of this. The other energy packet isn’t ‘fear’ it’s still love. It’s not your enemy, it’s the same as you, the same as your energy packet. If you vibrate with love and feed love to the other system through gratitude, fear does not exist.

I am a Commander for the ISC after all and it is one of my responsibilities to try to maximize the energy flow of the electronic universe in this sector of the galaxy.

Thank you for being so attentive to my discussion. I’m sure Tobi will contact me if you wish to know more about these things.

There’s a lot to learn about driving your new electrical bodies. Keeping it properly powered is a key one. How do you get powered? What ways can you attract those tachyons? A topic for another time somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Speaking of Brett he asked me to pass on this silly poem he wrote about our discussion today. I guess it’s a good little summary of the key points.

Don’t live in fear and drain away
Get your charge a better way
Give gratitude and feel the love
The charge will come, from below and from above


May the flow be through you,

ISC Commander John Carter

Thank you for reading, I know it was a long one and I appreciate the time you have given me from the bottom of my heart. I am sending a bag full of tachyons full of love your way, can you feel the flow? I can!

As always, I pose the question: Is it science fiction or science fact? You be the judge…..


Through the Vortex

Spinning torus

The rock in my hand feels heavier than it should. It’s almost as if gravity is playing tricks on me. Then I realize that this extra weight is everywhere. My whole body is heavier. I notice my muscles are aching. Everything feels more dense, more solid. I think that I know where I am, but I can never be too sure when I get caught in a reality shift.

I let the rock fall unflung to the forest floor and drag my heavier body over to the nearest boulder. I sit exhausted and try to work out how I got here, see if I can decipher the reality shift.

I breathe, the air still smells good, the forest has done its job. I see a small stream nearby and I notice the sound of the running water. It has a muffled sound, like I’m hearing it through a closed window. It is how the forest appears to me as well as the foliage appears unclear, a verdant blur.

I can breathe. That appears to be the only physical function I have that is unhindered by the vortex fluctuations of this reality shift. I feel fortunate that I have as least one tool with which to retrace my steps and return home.

Still I feel a tension, I worry that maybe this time I won’t make it back home, back to those I love. I hate that feeling ’cause I know that if I feel that way, even if I think that way it makes the vortex fluctuations worse. So I try to just focus on the only thing I can, the only thing so far that I can wrestle control of from the vortex. My breath.

The extra gravity in this reality is killing me. My back is sore as I slouch against the rock feeling like I’ve just been on a binge of dead fried food. Thinking of food reminds me of my friends and another reason to get this right, I need to get back to them as well.

I feel the tension rising again. So I decide that I need to leave the boulder and somehow carry this heavy body of mine over to the stream. Fresh cold water on my face, that’ll help. With grunts I stagger like a drunk to kneel before the stream. My feet and knees muddied from the soft soil.

I look up at the tree above my head and the smaller plants to my left and right. After some effort I begin to see them more clearly. It’s only a slight improvement as the first fractals begin to emerge to my sight but I am encouraged by it.

I gaze down at the water that trickles by before me. Sunlight refracts like fluttering ribbons across the stream as my eyes became tuned to the photon density. Just being near the soil and the water is beginning to quell some of the more severe fluctuations in the vortex.

I still feel heavy, dense and flat. But thoughts of home draw me on. I know what I need to do. The soil and the water were encouraging me, but I had to do the rest myself. Remember, there is no spoon I think to myself as I close my eyes and put my hands on my lap. I don’t know why I say that silly quote, I saw it in an old movie once. I like it and well, I don’t know, it sort of feels right to use when I’m trying to get out of these reality shifts that keep popping up.

You gotta use whatever you can my Dad always says. And nowadays, well these reality shifts are disturbing the peace everywhere. One minute I’m just sitting quietly and the next bam, a reality shift bubble strikes and I’m stuck in a reality with double density gravity.

I realize my thoughts are wandering and give myself a mental admonishment. There’s only one way I can do this and I know it, so the sooner I calm my mind the sooner I can make it happen and jump back to my reality. Back home.

Breathe. That’s what I tell myself. It starts there. So I try to slow everything down. I take slow deep breaths. I hold them in and then slowly exhale. After a few I can sense my body feeling less dense, my muscles less oppressed by the gravity in this reality. Soon my body goes numb, as if it is no longer there.

In this numbness my mind searches. It feels like I’ve walked into a very bright room from the dark, my mind searches clumsily. After fumbling for a while I eventually realize that to continue to search I must stop searching. So instead of shuffling around the bright room I simply allow my mind to stop looking.

As I do that the floor falls away from the room. The vortex fluctuations have collapsed and I am carried inwards securely through ever decreasing fractal layers. Instinctively I know that my minds journey is taking me rapidly towards the singularity. The intensity of the tachyon energy is palpable as faster than light speed I travel towards the center of the toroidal field.

The power, the electro-magnetism, the force that my mind feels as it reaches the point of singularity is indescribable. There is nothing and there is infinity coexisting as one, as whole. It is the ultimate for there is no other ‘thing’ with which to compare.

But so fleetingly it is gone for me as I ride the currents of electricity. Through the polarity I am spat back out into my reality. My body remains seated but I instantly feel lighter, less dense and I know that I have been able to once more escape from the reality shift and return home.

I don’t get up straight away, whilst it is fresh I allow the wash of tachyons to continue to infuse my body as the afterglow of the jump through the vortex slowly fades. Every time I have to do a reality shift return I am always in awe of this feeling. It makes my heart sing.

I’m just thankful that I remember this feeling, this sense I have and can use it to help me make the jump, otherwise I’d get stuck. See I discovered the secret by accident, but most of it my Dad explained to me. If you’re interested I’ll share it with you?

“Excuse me Mr Carter” the voice forces me to open my eyes.

“Tobi, just call me Tobi” I reply.

“Well then Tobi, can you please adjust your seat forward we are preparing the shuttle for landing.”

I better do as she says. Sorry guys, I guess I’ll have to tell you my anti-vortex-fluctuation-reality-shift secret another day, or maybe I’ll get my Dad to do it, he knows that technical stuff better than me. Until then…….

Safe travels my friends.

Are you interested in what Tobi’s Dad has to say about how to defeat these reality shifts? Have a read his post entitled ‘The Dichotomy of Duality‘ to find out more.

Hey There, what’s that Sound?




I have another proposition for you.

But first, follow me. I want to show you something.

Well, when I say show, I don’t mean that I want you to look at something, although that is part of it. No I actually mean I want to show you something in the deeper sense of the verb. As in to “allow (a quality or emotion) to be perceived”.

So in other words I want you to ‘feel’ something.

Come, follow me, I’ll show you what I mean.


Can you feel the buzz?

Come on lads, we’ve got this. Today’s the day! Up for a big one. Push and shove, jostle for position. Quick fella’s it’s about to start. Ready boys, all together now. Let’s sing as ONE.

Did you feel it? You did didn’t you. I know, I can sense it.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt the buzz of the people within? Perhaps at a party, perhaps at a business meeting, perhaps just a group of friends having a chat.

You have haven’t you? You know what I’m talking about, I know you do, I can feel it.

You have walked into those rooms and felt the excitement, the vibe. Perhaps it intimidated you, perhaps it drew you in, maybe it amused you or even disturbed you. Whatever the reaction you had either way it moved you.

What was it that you felt? What was it that moved you?

Have you ever been at an event that gave you goosebumps?

I mean real goosebumps. You know, the run up your spine, tingle your skull with electricity, hairs standing on end kind of goosebumps. You have haven’t you? I know you have, me too.

Why is that? How can we feel it? What are we feeling?

I have a proposition for you. But first allow me to introduce you to something quite special:





Have you heard of Cymatics?

No? Well, have a look at the following video and you’ll begin to get the picture.

So matter responds to vibration, who knew? Well we all did really, although sometimes we choose to forget.

So to my proposition:

Do you remember how I defined “Life” in my post “It’s about Life”?

No? Well here’s a reminder:

Three dimensional LIFE is the flow of electrons through a hydrated liquid crystalline structure that is energized by the flow of Tachyon Energy.

Tachyon Energy is the life force energy that exists within the charged plasma particles that fill the universe. It is carried as sub-atomic quanta within these electrons that flow through all living matter, in fact all matter.

Read the full post here for more about this.

However, I’d now like to build on this proposition by adding to it if I may. The forgotten science of Cymatics has inspired me to build on this thing called life. So in addition to the above I would now add the following.

Tachyon Energy freely flows throughout the electronic universe as waves of vibration that exist everywhere. The vibration of the tachyon energy is what brings matter to life and operates according to Syntropy. 

I posit that the buzz, the vibe, the electricity that you sometimes feel in a room or at an event where people have come together is caused by something very special. In those moments, the common thread is that the people are sharing a harmonious experience, whether they be brainstorming, reminiscing, singing, or simply enjoying each others company.

In those environments there is harmony, it is harmony of a musical sense. This tuning in of electronic frequencies magnifies the energetic vibrations emitted by the group (tachyons are going snap, crackle & pop). Those electro-magnetic tachyons are increasingly stimulated by the harmony so that when you walk into that room or are present at the event and allow yourself to feel the buzz, you are in fact being bombarded by those teeny tiny tachyons that tantalize, tease and titillate your skin and everything within.

So next time you go somewhere where you feel this buzz, stop, remember the tachyon and just pause for a moment and allow them to flow to you. Because, just like a magnet, you can attract them to yourself. So don’t be afraid, introvert or extrovert it matters not, you can take a moment to pause and soak up this special gift that the universe has provided to us. Allow them in and I guarantee you will feel more energized, happier, more buoyant all because those little buggers are the life blood of your soul.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the science of Cymatics please click on the link to my page of information links. But delve into that later, first an understanding.

As you consider the possibility of my proposition for life remember it is but a fractal in all the infinite fractals. But if we live in the question I ask you, why not ride this fractal with me?

I have gained a couple of simple points of understanding by adding to my definition of life. I already understood that we were electrical. But now with Cymatics it also means we are musical. Because everything is vibrating and we control our own vibration we are therefore playing an instrument. Our 3rd dimensional being has the opportunity with this knowledge to tune our instrument to the symphony of the universe.

Or as in the examples I described above, when we walk into that room and feel the vibe, we can tune into it, harmonize with it, harmonize with others, harmonize with ourselves. If we just tried to do that everyday at every opportunity we get when we meet with others then we would be learning to become better players of our instrument. When we are all tuned in then we will be playing the true song of humanity.

I can feel the harmony growing, can’t you?


Not sure what Syntropy is? Stay tuned, another day, another post, somewhere in Brett’s Future.


Let’s sing together,

“You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!”


I am humbled you have read my post. I was a privilege to have shared this harmonious moment with you.

With Respect,


Samwise’s Stirring Speech

Oh Yes – A new day will come and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer!

101 Books

This is one of my favorite scenes from the three Lord of the Rings movies. This one comes from The Two Towers, and I know it has a little Hollywood screenwriting trickery here.

Though a good portion of Sam’s speech does actually appear in the novel, this particular scene does not. In fact, Sam’s monologue about stories happens in Shelob’s cave–correct me if I’m wrong.

But, still, it’s such a great scene. And a lot of the dialogue is actually in the book.

Such a great, great film. Enjoy this classic scene from The Two Towers.

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Warp Speed………..Engage!


“Hang on tight, nearly there….

Just a little bit more…..

There! Done.

Disengage warp drive, return to normal space Scotty.”

I hear the captain speak these words from where I sit strapped, immobilized in my chair. My gut aches. I hate that inside out sensation you get when you break through the superficies. Shouldn’t have ate that donut, think I’m gonna be sick.

Close my eyes, it’ll pass, it always does. I test out the restraints. No good, he’s got me wrapped up tight. God, where has he brought me?

I look across the bridge, the crew are staring out into space entranced by something. Cautiously I turn my head to consider what it is that has the crew so rapt.

A planet is centered before us radiantly spinning. Mesmerized I consider the marble that turns before my eyes and catch my breath. I did not expect to see such beauty this deep into the galaxy.

“Where is this place? ” once again I test the straps. Hurt my wrists. I clenched too tight on the jump. Stupid. Why did I feel nervous? I never feel nervous when we jump. Damn, I wish I hadn’t failed. I could have been back on Kalgan it’s sabacc night at Luke’s. Probably miss it now.

Need to settle. Breath I tell myself. But I don’t want to listen.

“Relax, they’re for your own safety. I’ve just brought you here to show you something. Look, look out there.”

“Show me what?” I stare daggers at him. Oh he’s so perfect, mister perfect. Perfect my ass. He’s downright annoying. I know I’m being stupid but it helps. Gotta settle somehow.

“Look, stop fidgeting, I’m trying to show you something!”

I glare at him. Go to hell! I look away. God I’m an idiot, why didn’t I do it! Arrghh! I scream in rage as I try to free myself again. All I end up with are bruised wrists and a bleeding tongue. I spit the blood on the floor beside me and he looks at me in disgust. Here we go, the lecture. He’s got that look again.

I point my chin towards the planet outside to change the subject, to get him to look anywhere else but at me.

“It’s Terra. So what? Why’d you have to bring me here to see it?

“Because you should know this, it’s important, that’s why.”

“Know what?”

“I shouldn’t have to tell you that should I?”

I drop my head. He’s right, I know. Damn it, I hate it when he’s right.

“OK OK don’t rub it in. Look, retract the straps. I get it. I want to know.”

I mean it this time too. I didn’t realize that Terra was that beautiful. Now I’m here I want to know. But I can’t give in too easy. He’d get worried if I did and where would that leave our relationship?

He clicks the remote. Ah, at last, wrists are freed. I stand up, bit wobbly. Really went overboard trying to break the restraints. Come on, let’s get this over with.

“Here take it. Let’s talk about it.” he hands it to me.

It’s heavier than I remembered, sore wrists I realize. I open it up once more. It looks different this time. More real. Must be the theater of being out here, orbiting the place it came from.

I look back up at the planet again. I hear nothing but silence. It stirs me. Then I see. Everyone’s just staring at the planet. I mean it’s just a planet. Gee people, we’ve colonized hundreds of them. But it is beautiful, as far as planets go. I’ll give them that.

“OK, give me the synopsis of your understanding? At what state is the civilization in?”

“They’re still quite primitive by our standards. I mean they’ve just discovered luminescence. Mechanics are still low efficiency, mostly pressurized water vapor.” I look at him expectantly, proud of myself. Where did that come from? I look back down at the object in my hands, a slow sense of awe begins to crawl over me. It begins in the back of my neck, like a tingle. Pretty soon my scalp is buzzing. A realization was slowly forming in my mind.

“I’m impressed” he said, smiling at me. I stand a little taller, get out of my hunch. I had more to say.

“These people” I continued, nodding towards the marble, “they do not even have means of atmospheric levitation yet, let alone intra or extra planetary communication. How did this come to be?” I raise the object before my eyes like a treasured prize I finally see it for what it truly is. I shake my head, only now understanding. Why did I not pay attention before? Oh fool, I’ve had it all this time and I never knew.

“But how….?” It was all I could manage, but it said enough.

“Exactly. Now you realize how important it is. Tell me what he achieved.”

I hold it in both hands now as I try to remember the secrets within. They were forged so long ago. We owe them everything.

“In a land barely out of being powered by camp fires this man built an interplanetary vessel. This man threw caution to the wind and left Terra’s surface. He planet hopped! To Tui, not far admittedly, but given the technology he was surrounded with, can you believe it? Was he the first?”

“I cannot say. Things get lost in the depths of time. Tell me more, what else can you remember?”

I’m already lost in thought as I consider what’s contained within this ancient object I hold. Images fill my mind, images from my holocom. Images impossible to believe. There are so few left. Only 2D and in poor condition. But oh how people lived in this primitive world. I touch my wrist to activate my holocom. The images flash before my eyes.

I am astounded that this man was able to travel to Tui from a civilisation so bereft of any advanced technology.

“In a way he was the first. His creation, his Astronaut broke the boundaries forever. The science involved was far ahead of its day.”

I stare out at the orb before me and can only nod at the words. He’s right. This man was a genius. I bow my head feeling contrite.

“I’m sorry I failed.” I hug the artifact to my chest, as if I am apologizing to it as well.

“There’s a lesson in your contrition. Sometimes you need to break through boundaries, like this man did. Sometimes you need to be pushed outside of your comfort zone, as I have done with you today.”

“You’re right father. I understand now.” I consider the object in my hand.

“Can we go home now. I have a book to read.”

“I thought you wanted to go play sabacc?”

“No, somehow I think reading this book will be more fun.” I look up and smile at him while hugging the book even closer to my chest.

“I’m glad you think that way Judi. I’m sorry about the restraints. I didn’t want you to hurt yourself through the Warp Jump. It’ll serve you right for failing your book report.”

He turned from me and faced the crew watching him intently.

“Number One, engage Warp Drive, we’re going home.”


Dear Reader,
I do hope that you’ll forgive the storyline above. My main objective in presenting my post this way was to try, in no doubt a very inadequate way, to give you a glimpse of something world changing.

Imagine a world with no automobiles, no aircraft, no telephone, barely any electricity and machines that are largely steam driven. To those within the warp jumping spaceship above it seemed primitive. To us today it seems primitive.

Now imagine if in such a place a man was able to create a spacecraft to travel to a neighboring world. It would seem incongruous, out of place, fantastical wouldn’t it?

Thus was the world of Earth (Terra) in the year of 1880.

However, despite the archaic technology of the time there was a man in Earth’s past who dreamed to dream such things.

That man was Percy Greg. One of the fathers of Science Fiction writing.

In August 1880 he released a book that changed the rules forever.


The book was called “Across The Zodiac: The Story of a Wrecked Record

Across-the-Zodiac Percy Greg as a result of this book pioneered the sub-genre of of Sword and Planet.

The book contains a number of groundbreaking ideas in addition to interplanetary space travel (in 1880 people, can you believe it?).

“Astronaut” was the name of the spaceship in Percy’s book and it may have very well been the first recorded use of that word.

In addition Percy Greg was the first author to create an alien language for his novel when he gave voice to the diminutive Martians that the story’s narrator encounters. Consider the legacy that this fathered for the likes of Tolkien and Star Trek fans alike among many others.

His spaceship was powered by the technology he called “apergy” a form of anti-gravitational energy. Years later this was described as using frequency to release the latent force found within all atomic matter.*

For me the thing I find the most inspiring about this work by Percy Greg was the backdrop within which he wrote this amazing tale.

Consider that in 1880, only 15 short years after the conclusion to the American Civil War he wrote a book about a spaceship flying to Mars!

On the shelves of bookstores during the decade of the ’80’s (that’s the 1880’s) Percy’s little book “Across the Zodiac” sat next to literary giants. I’m sure you’ve heard of them:


And sitting there, on the same shelves next to these world famous literary works was Percy Greg’s little Science Fiction novel, dreaming to dream. Perhaps the little book was too innocent or naive to realize its own brashness.

So in the end this post is dedicated to you Percy Greg and to the power of your dreams, the originality of your brilliance and to the legacy of inter-planetary travel that you helped to create. A legacy that all passionate followers of Science Fiction thank you for.

Across the Zodiac may be a forgotten piece of creativity compared to others of the era, but I doubt that the others can claim for themselves the same honors.

In the words of our Captain we bow to you Percy Greg, for you had the courage, the foresight and the passion “to go where no man has gone before”.

I will leave you with a brief passage from the book itself. In a world before satellites, Google Earth or Google Maps, before NASA, before the Apollo missions and before real Astronauts, Percy Greg dreamed of flying into space. When his mind, aboard the spaceship of his creativity launched itself into the heavens he turned and gazed back upon our planet, 3rd rock from the sun, and had these words to say…….

 “… to my eyes the Earth was surrounded by a halo somewhat resembling the solar corona as seen in eclipses, if not nearly so brilliant, but, unlike the solar corona, coloured, with a preponderance of red so decided as fully to account for the peculiar hue of the eclipsed Moon.  To paint this, unless means of painting light—­the one great deficiency which is still the opprobrium of human art—­were discovered, would task to the uttermost the powers of the ablest artist, and at best he could give but a very imperfect notion of it.  To describe it so that its beauty, brilliancy, and wondrous nature shall be in the slightest degree appreciated by my readers would require a command of words such as no poet since Homer—­nay, not Homer himself—­possessed.”

Percy Greg – Across the Zodiac, Ch. 2. Pg. 42

No wonder others also dreamed his dream in the 130 plus years that have followed.



If you are interested in seeing more of “Across the Zodiac” it is available to read at Click on the image below to go to the site. Or this link to Amazon.

Across the Zodiac

* “Apergy” was later described this way by Clara Jessup Moore in a paper she wrote in 1888 entitled “Some Truths About Keely” responding to criticism to his book Keely’s Secrets. The paper was later reproduced in The New York Home Journal in January 1896. In essence apergy is what they termed “vibratory physics” an area of study that also fascinated many other scientists of this era including the most renowned, Nikola Tesla. Both Keely and Tesla believed that among many other things the creation of a perpetual motion engine was possible. Both men were discredited and their science suppressed. Now I wonder why that is?

Fuel for another post, another day somewhere in Brett’s Future……

In the meantime, have you seen this amazing video of the universe? Got a spare 4m26s? Have a look………Our Universe…… awesome!

Thank you for reading, you honor me.

May the apergy be with you,