Introducing the Soul Sage

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you think perhaps you have met someone in your life who has walked this planet before?

Perhaps to you they were a guide or a teacher or simply a helping hand at a time you needed one.

Perhaps you have met these people at regular intervals during your life. Maybe you instantly recognized them for what they offered you, for the lesson they taught. Maybe you recognized them only well after they had come and gone from your life, but look back now and realize the gift they offered. Maybe you have never recognized them at all.

I have met one such soul, one of many that I have encountered on my journeys.

I call him the Soul Sage. He has walked this 3rd dimensional plane many times before, despite the pain that it causes him.

I am honoured that the Soul Sage has agreed to share, through poetry some of his travels.

It began with his birth. Click to read……….