Can you feel the Vibe?

vibrating dot


Have you ever noticed that the smaller something is the faster its relative speed?

Let me explain with a few examples.

The most obvious one I can think of is the relative speed of an electron spinning around the nucleus of an atom compared to say the relative speed of a planet spinning around a star. I mean, that one’s an obvious one. But the same principle seems to work for so many different types of examples. Here are a few more;

  • the lumbering speed of the elephant v’s the sharp scurrying speed of the mouse
  • the power and the grace of a whale v’s the nimble darting ability of the sardine
  • the frantic spin of the small gear wheel v’s the steady turn of the large gear wheel
  • the whizzing spiral of water down a sink v’s the steady majestic whirl of a spiral galaxy

All of these examples show a natural, dare I say universal, commonality. This universal principle might be summarized by the following simple statement.

The bigger the object is, the slower its relative speed appears to be. The smaller the object is, the faster its relative speed appears to be.

Does this statement make sense to you? I’m sure that there are many other examples of this phenomenon that could be sighted. You can probably think of a few yourself.

This universal principle is such a fundamental thing to understand because everything, and I mean everything, in our magnificent universe is affected by this principle.

Did you also know that an object can also be sped up so fast that it can appear as if it were at rest? For example, take a wheel, you probably see this illusion all of the time, if the wheel is spinning at the right speed what happens?

Check out this video and see (watch as the dial on the right increases the RPM’s).


With this example it actually shows that speed is circular not linear. You can speed up so much as to hit the point of rest (the speed of the object is so fast that it is has the identical properties as a body at rest).


If an object was moving back and forth between two points (such as the dot in the animated .gif at the top of the post) with such speed that it reached point A and point B within an infinitesimally small difference in time an observer would say that the object was at rest. Moreso, the observer would say that the object was at both points (and everywhere in between) simultaneously. At such high speeds you could almost say the the object was both everywhere and nowhere simultaneously because both statements would be true.

So what do these thoughts about speed have to do with the universe & why is it important?

Because speed as measured as vibration (ie the movement of an object back and forth between two points) is what is happening to every single thing in the whole universe.

You’ve heard of this haven’t you? That everything in the universe is vibrating?

I mean we already know that this is true for every single atom on the elementary table. So at the very least we know that it is true for the human experience. We know that everything on Earth is vibrating. Are we in agreement? If you have any doubts, just live in the question as I always say.

I’m sure that you also are aware that vibration is a form of energy.  Or is energy is a form of vibration? Either way energy and vibration are inter-related.

So the smaller the object the faster its relative speed/vibration (the electron v’s the planet remember). It also means that the faster its relative vibration proportionally the more energy it contains. That is why there is so much power emitted when splitting the atom, the energy held within is so enormous.

Everything in the universe is vibrating. The smaller the object the higher the relative speed of vibration. The higher the vibrational speed the more relative energy is at play. I know it sounds like I’m repeating myself, I just want to make sure you understand the points I’m making about speed, vibration and energy.

Did you know that it is the relative vibrational speed, or more precisely the relative energy (resulting from or caused by that vibration) that forms the basis of all matter everywhere in the whole wide ginormous universe that we call home?

You didn’t? Well you’re in luck!

Stayed tuned because I am going to explain something to you about matter and the universe that I suspect you may never have heard of before. Hang on to your hats, the Story of Matter is coming to you in the very near Brett’s Future*.

Remember, everything & I mean everything is connected. Soon you will realize exactly what I mean when I say that.

Thank you for reading, you have my utmost gratitude.

*UPDATE: Clink on the link link to read the amazing – ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1 – Understanding the 4%

In Unity,